A stop in Ushuaia, Argentina

This is such a beautiful port that I had visited before but did not explore much and was excited to revisit. Upon entering the port, it is so picturesque with the looming snow-capped mountains.

Taken from.my cabin window about 5:30 am as we approach the Port of Ushuaia
Closer to port

So we are off to a spin going closer to those mountains. A little spin along the main before starting our ascent.

Monument of the lpioneer settlers.

We made a brief stop at the museum of the prison of Ushuaia. . This is a museum that holds historical and art pavilions as well as the jail section. Convicts who demonstrated good behavior were able to work outside logging.

Main corridor of the jail
Representing one of their most known prisoners.

There is a gift shop that seems reasonably priced and accepts US dollars and gives change in US dollars. We then left the city heading to Garibaldi pass, now take a look at the view as we started up the mountain via route 3 that connects Chile to Ushuaia, Argentina.

We traveled along the highway passing by such beautiful landscape bordered by the mountains.

We stopped for lunch at Las Cotorras restaurant where we enjoyed roasted lamb.

Barbecue pit just outside of the restaurant building.
Meat (lamb) is placed on a tray instead of individually served.

We left and continued on route 3 heading to Garibaldi pass which is the point in Tierra del Fuego where Chile meets Argentina.

(Hidden Lake) Lake Escondido
Lake Escondido and lake Fagano in the background.
Stands 450m above sea level. Here you get another view of the lakes and old roads below.

After lunch we were offered a special coffee and for even those that do not normally drink coffee after a meal should not miss a cup. Here is what that coffee was made with. It contains sugar, with several various liquors.

After a day of beautiful weather and serene atmosphere we returned to the bustling city where our liner awaits us.

5 thoughts on “A stop in Ushuaia, Argentina

  1. Thanks for reminding me of Ushuaia!  Loved the port!  I visited a few times and was never at a loss for places to visit! Is there any reason you have called it The Ushuaia?  I am wondering.  Be that as it may, you captured the essence of the place and highlighted all the relevant stops one should make when visiting Ushuaia.  It is such a laid-back port! The stores there were good, too.  We enjoyed walking a lot through the area, from one corner to the next.  I never failed to see something new each time I visited. I was always thrilled with the description of Tierra Del Fuego, the archipelago Ushuaia is on, when I did geography with Mr. Lindo Wong at Excelsior.  I had two places I always wanted to visit after doing his classes…… this was one and the other Tahiti.  I did them both…..loved that!  Just wish I could have shared my visits with him, though.

    Great job in highlighting Ushuaia……one of the places everyone should visit at least once! 🙂 Faith

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