Sailing the Antarctic Peninsula and a visit to Stanley, The Falkand Islands.

As part of a recent cruise, we sailed by the South Shetland Islands, into Admiralty Bay, and Elephant Island. First of all, there should be no question that you have to be prepared for the weather. If you are planning to do this and really want to enjoy the view, bring appropriate clothing. We were able to view from different vantage points inside but going out in deck is the best. Initially, I thought we would be touching on land/glaciers, but looking at the itinerary, I soon realized we were not going to. However, the landscape was simply marvelous.

Taken in the Bransfield Strait, which lies between the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctica peninsula.

Deception island

Here are some scenes as we sailed the region

We were fortunate to have 3 lecturers who narrated through Admiralty Bay and Elephant Island. He mentioned there were penguins on the glacier but I couldn’t see them lol. I took a photo anyway and it was only when i zoomed in the picture was I able to see where they were. Take a look at the screens shot above.

Several icebergs were seen floating
Smaller chunks of floating glacially-derived ice. These are called growlers.

What was great was that the Captain circled the bay so guests could get to see on either side of the ship. There were research stations Brazilian research station, Ecuadorian weigh station, Machu Pichu research station

Brazilian research station
Ecuadorian weigh station
Machu pichu research station

The next day, we sailed into the Elephant Island region, where we had more activity in the water. At first, we thought there were flying fish swimming close to the ship, but we soon realized they were penquins. Then we started seeing several spouts and glimpses of fin whales.

Tip of Elephant Island

Note penguins swimming towards the ship
Lucky to have caught this still picture with a whale as it surfaced and quickly disappeared.

There was this area where the water had this turquoise color we had to quickly take photos because that was the only place we would see this color the narrator also said it was fresh water.

Although I did not step on ground the view of glaciers, penguins, birds and chasing spouts to get a glimpse of whales was exhilarating and a sight to see. There are optional boat trips that take you closer to the glaciers for those who wanted a closer look and would be able to distinguish the different penguins birds etc. Our next stop would be Stanley in The Falkland Islands.

We had to take a tender to the Falkland Islands. When the cruise ship is too big for docking in a port, then you have to use a tender to get to the port. You can stroll along the main street towards a museum. There are cafes, supermarket, gift shops and a beautiful view of the hills.

Photographs by many different photographers showing some of the points of interest on the island
SS Great Britain’s Mizzen mast from the wrecked ship Victory. This mast was returned to England to be refurbished and returned to Stanlet in 1970.
Christ church
Turkey vulture common to the Falkands.
Lady Elizabeth sustained damage in a hurricane and lost its sails and sailors. It is located in whalebone cove.
Totem pole where soldiers left their mark to indicate how far they were from home.
Displayed in a yard
Sperm whale
Vertebra of the Sperm Whale
Homes with beautiful gardens outside and enclosed.
Government House
Liberation memorial for British
Battle memorial

4 thoughts on “Sailing the Antarctic Peninsula and a visit to Stanley, The Falkand Islands.

  1. Hello there: The e-mail drifted off the regular page and so I did not see it, again, until today! 🙂  Sorry! Anyway, I loved the blog you sent.  The pictures were lovely!  I went to the area in December of 2016 but we sailed across the Magellan Strait….notorious for its stormy weather and tossed seas….we encountered nothing of that nature either going or returning to Ushuaia!  We were so lucky!  Again, it was nice to re-live a trip I had taken a few years ago. What a difference it made in the timing of our visits!  We saw some azure water but for the most part it was part- green and maybe darker but I could see the vibrancy in the pictures you took.  Nice! We went over to the peninsula itself and spent about 10 days in the area, coming off our little ship and going on land to see the penguins, seals and the birds up close.  The penguins were really inquisitive and wanted to come up to us but we were warned not to get in their way or to play with them.  They had a really “high” odour and it could be smelled as we motored in by zodiacs.  We had beach landings, coming off the zodiac a little off the land….no ports or jettys to be seen!:-)  It is quite the rocky, hilly and sometimes sandy place!  Everywhere, of course, there were penguins!!!!!  Thousands! 🙂  and a lot of large birds like albatrosses, with huge wing spans!  Those lazy seals just lumbered here, there and everywhere, too, grunting their lives away!  The south polar skua is a bird of prey which preyed on the nest of the penguins stealing their egg/s and on their babies. 😦 Back to your blog …… clothing, of course had to be appropriate.  We were in possession of parkas but chose to wear our regular coats we wore in Canada….it was warmer there than it was in Canada….we watched the temperature each day!  I can see you were well dressed, eh? 🙂  We did not even wear our hoods at times.  We were up close to several humongous icebergs….there were several in one area and lots of seals frolicked in and around them.  We were also told that the icebergs seen with different types of striations on them, were icebergs that had flipped over……and there were some of them…..the marks were from the constant bashing of water below the surface.  We also saw tons of whales….orcas and the rest…..once we saw them lined up like four logs in the water….i is called “lumbering”.   The captain blew his horn and told us to watch their reaction…they all just dived, almost synchronously, into the water!  Neat! 🙂 The best trip I have been on, so far.  Your trip was on the other side of the peninsula…I think any visit there does provide the traveller with the greatest views and long-lasting memories of a lovely place! I visited the Falklands a few months prior to going to the peninsula….loved the place, too.  We did not tender in but docked at the harbour.  We were on a Princess cruise from Buenos Aires to Chile!   The Falklands were beautiful, saw Mrs. Thatcher’s head (as a statue) and had a glorious day doing all the things you did! 🙂 I know you truly enjoyed the trip…..I can highly recommend a visit to the deep Southern Hemisphere! Thanks, again, for sharing..  I thoroughly enjoyed……so did Jean, too. Faith

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