Visit to Montevideo

While on the cruise heading to the Antarctic region, we made a stop in Montevideo, Uruquay. We had a full day planned starting with a brief tour around the city.

Estevez Museum
Salvo Palace (Palacio Salvo)  overpowering the Independence Plaza
Atigas mausoleum
In Independence Plaza
Gateway of the Citadel found in the Indepence Plaza. This is one of the structures remaining of the walls that protected the city that was destroyed in the 18th century.
Legislative building
We were just in time to see a military parade at the Legislstive building

After leaving the city, we headed to the Estancia LA Rabida, a century old ranch producing a large amount of milk daily. A family run ranch that gives you a good idea of Uruguay life and managing a 2740 acre ranch.

As we got off the highway, it was very clear that they had experienced a period of drought. We drove by an adjacent property that seems vast then suddenly Mateo appeared alongside of the bus and we later found out he was the nephew of the owner of LA Rabida.

Shows the dry areas
Field of soy

We soon found out that not only were they experiencing drought but the eucalyptus trees were absorbing a lot of the moisture.

Eucalyptus trees and grounds around

Upon arriving at LA Rabida and alighted from the bus, we were greeted with refreshments to include white or red wine, beer, lemonade, and water. The BBQ  preparations were already on the way.

Group getting a little background
Horses are so interesting and beautiful, and it was so surprising how they respond to verbal commands by forming a line.
I rode in this driven by spunky Paulina, the niece.
The ranch is bordered by a river. We got in an antique car and a hayride tractor ride to take a tour of the property and go down by the river. Here is Paulina, the niece, helping

Lunchtime beverages kept flowing and grilled vegetables with sausages for starters. BBQ chicken, beef and pork with empanadas (turnover filled with meat or vegtables). The salad was certainly organic.

Then there was the experience of milking the cow. Several of the guests took turn milking the cow and some even took a taste of the milk. Well the calf certainly raised some noise until it came to get its mother’s milk.

Then there was another treat where one sits on this mat made out of leather and goes for a ride drawn by a horse. Adults and children enjoyed this experience.

My traveling partner just ended her run.

This was a lovely outing that was enlightening and enjoyable. My favorite was the pork and fresh vegetables. I’m glad I was able to go back for seconds. We then boarded our bus for our return to the ship. Mateo rode alongside the bus as he waved us goodbye.

Mateo escorted us out.

5 thoughts on “Visit to Montevideo

  1. I don’t quite understand, there was a drought, and the eucalyptus trees were extracting added water from the soil/ground? Interesting and unfair..


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