Stop in Buenos Aires

It is always amazing to revisit a place and see different things and gain  new perspectives. My recent seventeen day run certainly gave me that. We spent our first few days in Buenos Aires visiting some of the highlights of the city to include the Government House referred to as the Pink House, the affluent Recoleta region to include the famous cemetery where Eva Peron’s tomb is located.

Floralis Generica normally opens during the day and closes at nights but a petal is damaged so it is not functioning now. Still remains a major structure.

Tower monument given by the British
Monument of Manuel Belgrado, journalist and general
Government building (pink house)
La Boca region is a popular colorful area for shopping and various artists with their work on display.
Artists’ display in LA Boca region.
Russian Orthodox church on the way to LA Boca region
Inside the Buenos Aires Cathedral
Mausoleum of Jose de San Martin in the Buenos Aires Cathedral. Important figure in the struggle for independence for Argentina, Chile and Peru.
Recoleta Cemetery

The cemetery is certainly one of a kind not only because of Eva but just to see these tombs so elaborate and it does not feel like a cemetery.

I had always loved the Argentine tango I have watched our regular TV show Dancing with the Stars where the tango is always included. I could not visit Buenos Aires without going to a tango show. After a full course dinner we walked across the street to watch performances of the tango at El Viejo Almacien. There was a four piece band, a soloist, several coupled dancers and two gaucho dancers. I found the entertainment to be very good.

The bandoneon is an integral part of the music it appears like an accordion but is not.
Accompanied by a pianist, guitarist

We a out of the city about an hour’s ride to visit La Estancia Santa Susana in Los Cardales. There were several activities riding a horse-drawn buggy, live entertainment of Argentine tango and gaucho dance. We were greeted with refreshments, you can visit the stables for a closer look at the horses and / or get a short horse-drawn buggy ride. There is a gift shop to purchase leather goods and other souvenirs etc. When the bell rings, it was time for lunch, white or red wine, water, or soft drinks were available. We were seated in groups at a well set table. There was a choice of beef, chicken, and pork with fresh vegetable salads served in abundance. The servers were dressed in gaucho clothing and handled the large crowd very well.There was a large crowd as there were many groups. After lunch, there was a live show of dancing and playing of the bandoneon, and guests also participated. We were then entertained by gauchos in a horse show where guest could interact with the riders and they are willing to take children for a ride.

We all seemed to have enjoyed this spin. It was a test getting in and out.
I chose this one with the ladder because the other method was just a stump.

This was an enjoyable outing arranged by our tour group and accompanied by a local English speaking guide.

Leaving the ranch

Well, next, i will be getting aboard the Norwegian star heading to the Antartica Peninsula ,Chile, and two other Argetine ports.

10 thoughts on “Stop in Buenos Aires

  1. How wonderful, enjoyable, beautiful, so colorful!! You must have had an unforgettable vacation. The only thing, you forgot me at home. Thanks for sharing my dear sis friend. Be continually blessed! 🙏😘🌹♥️


  2. Miss Chin, good day. I can always depend on you to bring these fabulous pictures back from your travels I felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing your experiences Love it. Did you notice the split on the dancer’s skirt?

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