A spin around San Francisco

Well we planned a trip to Hawaii sailing out of San Francisco. so some members of our group decided to do a few days seeing a bit of this popular city. A stroll in the Fisherman’s area you find a lot of people strolling around, places to eat and shops offering the usual tourist items but of course gadgets for travelers who forgot personal items, cameras and batteries etc.


If you have a short time in the area a great option to see quite a bit would be the hop on and off buses. On our way to Sausalito we made a stop just before going on the bridge. This spot Vista Point gives you a great view of the Bay and an up close view of the bridge. At this point the statue of the lone soldier; erected in 2002, as a memorial for everyone that sailed out of the Golden Gate to serve their country in the Coast Guard, Mercantile Marine, Marines and the Navy.

A visit to Golden Gate Park was really worth it we walked around the grounds visited the Japanese garden, paid a brief vist to the De young museum and enjoyed the spectacular view from the Harmon Tower.

A visit to San Francisco would not be complete without a visit to Lombard Street, yes this is where you will see the crookedest street with 8 hairpin turns and cars taking their ride making the turns along the street.

Cars arriving at the lower level of Lombard Street

This gives you an idea of how steep the roads are running similar to the steep Lombard Street.

Another major attraction is the Tram Cars: we found that getting a ride alighting from the terminal you had to wait in long lines for a good period of time. We found out it would be quicker to catch it at one of the stops.

Pioneer monument with city hall in background
JCity hall at night

Continuing to drive around the city you can’t miss the area near Alamo Square you find these beautiful victorian houses known as the painted ladies.

Of course another point of interest is Alcatraz penitentiary not only for its history but for the beautiful view the island offers. A short ferry ride will get visitors to the island.

Having more time you have the opportunity to visit some of the museums, enjoying dining, spending time in Sausalito, desert at that restaurant close to the water is hmm good. Sorry can’t remember the name. Don’t forget to enjoy some sour dough bread.

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