Remembering Hawaii

I remember spending a week in Honnolulu about thirty years ago taken with five other friends. Fortunately we had a relative residing there that certainly helped with us going to some of the places we might not have. In those days there was a free Kodak show that was always well attended but no longer.

I remember we purchased tickets to see the Al Harrington show and we were picked up at our hotel it took us sometime to arrive at the venue. The next day we realized the venue, the house of lono, was probably about two blocks away from our hotel. We certainly had a good laugh at ourselves.

After that experience we became more alert and decided to explore on our own. We wanted to visit the Arizona memorial of which tours were offered at a cost but we took the local bus and i believe we unto the memorial free.

We ended having such a blast visiting the botanical gardens, taking a peak in king kapolani palace passing by the king’s statue. On our way back from the gardens we followed a crowd going towards the seaport next we were heading on a party boat and again a lot of food, drinks and dancing. As you drive around you get a glimpse of nature at its best as the waves come in clashing against the rocks depending on how hard you see the surf emerge through these blow holes in the rock.

On our way to the Poleynesian Cultural Center we passed the Chinese hat island.

Pali lookout offers a beautiful view of the windward coast

Fast forward to my most recent visit to Hawaii was via a cruise on our stop in Oahu we again visited the Polynesian Cultural Center. On my earlier tour we visited in the latter part of the day so we were able to attend the night show which was spectacular with fire dancing, chanting and singing. This time was a day only visit but just as entertaining and enlightening to the cultures of the pacific. The performers were mostly Mormon students from across the world. The displays in villages of Hawaii, Samoan, Fiji, New Zealand and Tonga gives you a glimpse into each one’s culture. One of the highlights of a visit is the canoe parade down the lagoon.

There are tours where visitors are able to take a canoe ride down the lagoon. To really have time to explore these grounds a two day visit would be great. I am familiar with coconut tree climbing but never seen one up so fast.

While on a brief stop in Kauai we took a boat ride down the Wailua River in the State Park.

Fern Grotto seen as we sailed down the river.

During our one day stop in Maui we made a stop in Haleakala Park.

Maybe a revisit is in the making.

5 thoughts on “Remembering Hawaii

  1. I do remember a lot about being in Hawaii!I have visited the place twice!  I loved it!  I do have some awesome pictures that l took in Kauai…..those land formations were something to behold!😄So, have you been traveling a lot since things have opened up?  I definitely do not have any intention of flying on a plane, at this time.🤭Nice memories of Hawaii!!!FaithSent from my Galaxy

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