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The past year and months of 2021, to put it mildly, has been challenging for all of us. It gets frustrating that some of us have been looking froward to getting rid of this pandemic and move towards some return to normalcy as we knew it but unfortunately a new strain and the insistence of some of our fellow humans on being noncompliant has delayed our progress. Staying home, children being at home, no employment, family loss etc. impacted many families and some responses were exhibited in many different forms. As it relates to me i have tried to keep myself busy by doing upgrades around the house, practicing playing the piano, watching tennis matches around the world and doing sometimes nothing.

Well one of the popular airlines treated randomly chosen frontline workers to airline tickets to any place they fly. Due to this generous offer i am off to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Though probably not the best time of the year because of hurricanes we decided that any break will be beneficial to us mentally and physically. let me share with you the process which is clearly outlined on their website. Basically vaccinated or not, a negative covid test within five days of date of departure, completing a required travel health visa online and receiving a clearance certificate from the Bahamian Government. There is a mandatory insurance the cost is dependent on the number of days you plan on spending. Failure to meet these requirements you will be denied boarding the airline.

On arrival in Nassau there was evidence that it rained earlier and en route to Paradise Island driving through downtown Nassau there was such flooding of the streets and not with water coming from the ocean or river. Take a look

As the driver weaved his way through the flooded streets combined with the heavy traffic we encountered a lady wading through the water with plastic bags on her feet calf high attempting to get to her car. Finally we left that behind as we approached the bridge to Paradise Island. Happy to arrive at our resort after a long morning as our flight was delayed for two hours. I am a lover of sunset and did i have a beautiful one the first evening.

Nassau Harbour from the Warwick Hotel Paradise Island

Now the sunrise was simply spectacular. This view was more like a sunset to me don’t think i have ever seen one like this before.

The Warwick Paradise Island all inclusive over looks the Nassau harbour with a private beach, to be noted not extensive but the water was clean, warm and allowed for some snorkeling. Based on the necessary pandemic precautions, masks are required around the grounds, sanitizers in abundance and buffets were served. Seating arrangements in the restaurants were configured to adhere to appropriate distancing. The entertainment team provided a variety of activities to include volleyball, bingo, karaoke, dance classes etc.

Veiw of a portion of the pool at night
Edgewater Grille requires reservation serves steak and seafood
Bridges connecting Nassau and Paradise Island

At this point the ferry between Nassau and Paradise Island is not in operation at this time. some of the group tours by some tour companies are not available. However being close to the harbor we could see some boats/yachts going by with what seemed to be party folks. i should also mention if you are staying for more than five days you will need to be tested. My advice is that if you are planning to visit the Bahamas keep checking their website as requirements might change.

5 thoughts on “What have I been up to

  1. You are back doing the stuff you like to do, eh?😄I do agree with you re the comments about the “other” humans playing roulette with our lives…..happening big-time here, too.I do not think l will be travelling any time soon, my friend.  I would rather not do so but others who want to do so…..have fun! ☺When l went to the Bahamas many moons ago, l stayed on Paradise Island, also.  I just remember being on the beach and that there was a dangerous drop-off to the ocean!  Scary!  I am sure everything has changed, though.  Strange, l was not too enamoured with the country at all….could not, then, put my finger on any one thing but the ‘vibe’ was not there!I am definitely not going through all that rigmarole to go on a holiday, my friend.  Hopefully things will get better in 2022……we are desperately hoping so!Chat soon!FaithSent from my Galaxy


  2. Beautiful sunset! This is the most spectacular one I have seen; the ultimate treat, especially for those of us who are homebound. Thank you for sharing this!


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