Some of my favorite Waterfalls

As I reflect on my travels in addition to architecture there are two things I always seem to be fascinated with they are sunsets and waterfalls. Although there are many well known falls I have yet to visit I have seen some that I remember vividly. Thought I would share.

The Moltnomah Falls in Portland Oregon I had a chance to visit when I visited the Columbia River Gorge region. The Gorge region is located between Washington and Oregon had a boat ride here.

Waimoku Falls In Haleakala Park Maui

Moving to another Hawaiian island

Opeaka Falls Kauai Hawaii
Opeaka Falls

Another of my favorites that I visited on a return visit to Jamaica’s South Side in the parish of St. Elizabeth. YS Falls is a seven tier waterfall with a garden area for you to sit and enjoy nature as adventurous folks zip line over the falls: breath taking.

YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Take a run to the East side of Jamaica you will find Reach Falls.

Fruits placed under the rock here for half an hour compares to being in a refrigerator
Reach Falls, Portland Jamaica

Should Jamaica reopen the cruise port in San Antonio, Portland on the east side of Jamaica, Reach Falls should become a popular site for tourists.

Iceland offers some spectacular waterfalls

Hraunfosser Falls, Iceland
Said to be flowing over 900 meters about .55 miles across the lava bed creating several falls. There is a viewing promenade that gives you a great view of the falls as they flow into the Hvita river.

Of course there are Niagara Falls and Dunn’s River Falls that I have visited and hope to visit Iguazu Falls on my next visit to South America and one or more of Africa’s known waterfalls .

One thought on “Some of my favorite Waterfalls

  1. Hi thereI went to Portland, Oregon, many moons ago….l cannot remember visiting the falls….the ones in Jamaica you profiled, l did not know of them, either.I cannot remember the many waterfalls l saw in Iceland but they were very pretty and thunderous, too.Victoria Falls (Africa) and Iguassu Falls (South America) are two great ones to visit.   I have not done visited them.The Dunn’s River Falls remains in my mind, though.  Love it! 😄FaithSent from my Galaxy

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