Springtime is in the air in Brooklyn

April is a very great time to see the cherry blossoms in bloom and often New Yorkers visit Washington DC to see a full display. I took a trip to DC but the blossoms were far and few between and to my surprise the blossoms were in their glory right in the Brooklyn Borough Botanical garden during April. In addition driving around Brooklyn there are so many beautiful trees in full bloom along the streets and in homes.

In the Brooklyn Botanical garden there is the Cherry Blossom Esplanade and if you hit it at the peak this is a taste of what you find.

Another beautiful bloom is the Magnolia


4 thoughts on “Springtime is in the air in Brooklyn

  1. We were not allowed to visit the blossoms this year! COVID 19 rules stipulated that so those of us who saw them, I did not, did so online! I think there was a fence erected around them last year and this year and some people have breached the fence, etc. They are very pretty, aren’t they?

    Our trees are 98% or so white. There is an odd pink one around, I guess planted by an individual/s but the primary colour is white. They even smell wonderful, too. We have some pink ones in the park behind me……I pass by them each day as I walk. I have not taken any pictures, etc.

    Did you go to Washington this year to see the blooms? Oh my! 😊

    Still hunkering down under stay-at-home order which the pundits say will be extended for another two weeks until the first week of June. If it is helping, then I am all for it. They are still charging people for having those monster parties which become super spreaders, eventually! Total lack of respect, eh?

    This is all for now. Be safe and keep well!


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    1. No went to DC a few years ago specifically for the blossoms was disappointing but now I don’t even have to go to the garden so many trees in homes and along the streets.


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