A little revisit doesn’t hurt

The Leaning Tower

The leaning Tower found in Pisa, Italy is an amazing structure which gives you two perspectives depending on where you are standing. In one position the building seems straight and from another it is clearly leaning. The architecture is amazing and I am sure the view from atop is fantastic but I did not take the climb.

Fountain of Trevi, Rome, Italy

Named because it was the meeting place of three streets the Fountain of Trevi is known to be the largest fountain in Italy. There are certain myths regarding throwing coins in the fountain with meanings depending on how many coins you throw. Myths include whether you will return to Rome, you will fall in love and if you will marry the person you are with.

Temple of Athena (Parthenon) , Athens, Greece

Be warned it is very hot atop the Acropolis during the summer months and there is no shade so go prepared with hats and umbrellas. If you forget your protective gear be assured there will be vendors at the foot before embarking on your climb to the top. When I visited many years ago there was one small olive tree which offered no protection from the sun. While in Athens you should stroll through the Plaka and don’t forget about pastries and ice cream in Greece.

The mermaid, Stockholm, Denmark

This structure of the mermaid perched on this rock in the harbor awaiting her prince.

Prison and torture chamber in Gdańsk, Poland

This was originally part of the fortification of the city but was later modified to be a prison and torture chamber.

Ski tower
One of the sculptures from the Vigeland Park, Oslo

It is always amazing to watch the Winter Olympics and see these athletes ski down this path that always have me thinking of a plane taking off the runway. This visit to the Holmenkollen Museum in Oslo, Norway was quite interesting and appealing to me. A visit to Vigeland Park where there is an amazing display of life like sculptures. Over two hundred sculptors made of bronze, granite and wrought iron to be seen with beautiful gardens and water fountain.

Obelisk in Vigeland Park

Located about an hour from Galway, Ireland. This a very popular place visited by many tourists. The day of my visit was a bit damp and overcast yet the abbey was crowded.

Cubed houses, Rotterdam

I was fascinated by these cubed shaped houses and wished I was able to go inside. I am not sure if it is possible to tour a model but I am inclined to think if we were staying in town for a few days something could have been arranged.

Tower Bridge, London England

Although it has been many years since I visited London I still remember this visit; one site that stood out was our visit to see the Crown Jewels with the destroyed films hanging to remind people not to take pictures. Yes films tell you that my visit is dated. Drove out to the countryside to visit Shakespeare’s home really found it scenic.

Bull fight arena, Madrid

In Madrid we went to view a bullfight. The Matador wore such beautiful uniforms and their interaction with the bull and flair in positioning as they used their cape in the earlier part of the fight not sure I cared for the later part of the show when the bull was killed.

Memories that stay with me forever.

2 thoughts on “A little revisit doesn’t hurt

  1. Been to these also and sure brings back great memories. Loved doing Europe and was hoping to go back with AJ but he may have to do it alone😍.
    Awesome pics

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  2. Hi there

    A little late but nevertheless, here it is! 😊

    I felt as if I was going back in time when I saw and read this blog post! So many memories of my trips back then! Of course, Pansy was with me……….not on the first Oslo trip, tho’! Loved all the travels in Europe but , I must stress, again, I have no more desire to do this at all. I am so happy I did so much when I “was” travelling.

    I remember going to Pisa, too. I did not go up to the top …..I was beginning to hate heights even back then…..and the Baptistry, etc. Lots of beautiful places to see but I have had it, I think.

    I am digressing here….I did not get to see the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg as Pansy has fallen the day prior and the doc. thought she should not go out the next day…..so we had to get rid of our tickets. I was just looking at a picture of the Amber Room at the Hermitage and wondered, “Would you have liked the stuff you would have seen there?” I can look back and wonder but maybe I would not have liked it all. ☹

    Anyway…..back to this blog….the ski runs, etc. , they were great to see. It brought back memories of the Winter Olympics, etc. Lots of pictures of the stars I saw back then, too. On the second trip, Pansy was with me but she did not want to go on the virtual “run” of one of the ski stars. I did go……that thing was scary!!!!! She laughed so much when I got back looking frazzled! 😊

    I did see those houses in Rotterdam but preferred going for boat rides on the canals. We were also taken to the Red Light District! Hmmmmmmmmm! After all my travels, I have not been into London proper…..I have only had two brief stopovers and then flown out, again. So, London has not been a place of visit for me. I thought I would have gone there to see Jean’s godson but Corona happened and we know the rest! ☹ We will see. He is still living there so who knows……no promises, as I have told him! 😊

    Thanks, again, for the memories!


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