South America revisited.

Capoeira dancers posing with tourists after entertaining us with their dance routines. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art and dancers use aspects of karate moves during their dance.

Camdomble is a religious activity that originated in Brazil during the 19th century a combination of a West African religion and Roman Catholicism. Here we attended a dinner show giving us an idea of attending a camdomble celebration. The African culture is still present in Bahia, Brazil.

Church of the Lady of the Mercy of the Black People
Lacerda elevator that takes you from the lower level to the upper level of the city of Salvador.

Sugar Loaf Mountain in the background.

The Sugar Loaf Mountain is a staple attraction in Rio de Janeiro, which offers a great view of the city. I visited over ten years ago and things might have changed. At the time of my visit we got to the top via a cable car and had dinner and was treated to a spectacular show that gave us a good idea of what it looks like during carnival. The costumes were just amazing and being able to participate in the revelry. While in Rio we had a dinning experience at a churrascaria (basically a barbecue restaurant). Waiters are constantly coming around with different types of barbecued meats on large skewers . What makes the experience is that there is an object half painted red and the other painted green. Green means you are ready to be served and they will continue coming until you turn up the red half. The waiters enjoyed pouring on the food especially if you do not quickly display the red. The filet mignon was hmm good and the vegetables were fresh and tasty.

My friend was unaware that her picture was being taken

Another favorite of mine was Ushuaia, a resort town surrounded by the Martial Mountains and Beagle Channel in Argentina, mainly because of how picturesque the town was with the snow capped mountains.

Port of Ushuaia
Penguins in Faulkland Island
UNESCO site of Machu Picchu
A view from atop one of the peaks at the site with a view of the Urubamba River below.

Machu Picchu is located in Cuzco region of Peru and is designated a UNESCO site. There are different peaks that offer different views of the Urubamba valley. The adventurous visitors able to climb the different peaks.

Quechua Indians demonstrating dying process, Peru
Quechua Indian weaver, Peru
Santiago, Chile
Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Chile
A little local entertainment in Chile.
Lunch in Montevideo, Uruguay
Indigenous People Uruguay known as Charruas
Caracas, Venezuela

Looking forward to getting on the road again.

4 thoughts on “South America revisited.

  1. Thanks, again, for sharing your escapades in the South……..South America, to be exact! 😊

    I have been to Brazil, Montevideo, Falkland Islands, Santiago, Ushuaia……that is it! I really love Ushuaia……what a beautiful place! I visited there four times……the last time was when I departed from there to Antarctica from there…..across the Beagle Channel and back to Ushuaia, at the end of the trip. The trip was soooooooo great! Loved it!

    I loved the Falkland Islands, too. Of course, I “bathed” myself in the legend of the Argentinians and the British regarding the Islands. I listened to the guides while I was there but I did not need their help… that story was etched in my mind, then and now! Such a famous ‘war’ which the British won! Liked the British atmosphere there, too. We did not see the penguins there as we were going to see them every day in Antarctica! We visited other places, instead.

    I did do a lot of reading regarding the other places, mainly the stuff in Peru and the stories in Brazil. The dance troupe looked as if it did a great show. I have not seen Peru, as yet. I would like to, if I can take it on after this pandemic, go to the Galapagos to see those animals!!!!!! Jean and Eddie sang their praises of the place!

    I was entertained! Continue to keep up this wonderful blog…….enjoyed reading and interacting!


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    1. Missing my usual visits to other countries but hope we will again soon. Fortunately I have these lovely memories. Falkland’s history was interesting. There are still explosives buried on the hillside near where those penguins were.


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