A stroll down memory lane

I have been asked so many times “ Where have you not visited” and as I try to respond I realize that although I have visited many countries there are lots of places I have yet to.visit. Every time I watch the summer or Winter Olympics the more I realize that there are so many more places to go. Since I have been following some other bloggers I am more fascinated with some of the places they have been and have shared great information about. I often look back at photographs taken and what a pleasure it brought me during the stay at home in 2020. I look forward to visiting other countries in 2021 maybe I should say I am hopeful.

Strolling around in Antiqua, Guatemala
Vendors with their colorful pieces
Palacio de Generales Antiqua Guatemala
Hippopotamus at Auto Safari Chapin zoo in Guatemala

Amazing how extensive this zoo was brought back memories of my visit to the Game Reserve in South Africa in fact I saw some here that I did not while in Africa.

Cashews while in Costa Rica.
the yellow portion can be eaten and the grey portion roasted.

While on the crocodile safari in Costa Rica we also saw some beautiful birds, oh the love of nature, yes we did see some crocodiles hiding awaiting their prey.

Fruit stall downtown Curacao mangoes are my favorite
Knipp beach in northern Curacao
Black rocks on the northeastern coast of St. Kitts volcanic lava flow
Batik method of dyeing is used in St. kitts.
Arriving in Turks n Caicos
Turks and Caicos this beach is in walking distance from where the ship is docked
Natural bridge Aruba
Natives of Grenada
A little entertainment in Labadee, Haiti.

I hope you enjoy these memories as I did. Most of my conversations with friends include the question or comment as to how I am doing not being able to travel: This is how I am coping.

4 thoughts on “A stroll down memory lane

  1. The town of Antigua Guatemala is so exquisite, There is a catholic school which attracts many international students, if I were a mother, I would send my child/children there. The town is picturesque, and has a quality of grace and
    peace about it, plus the people are so gracious

    The Turks and Kaycos Island, I have not been there, however, the beaches look alluring. That’s the whitest sand I have seen anywhere.. My spelling might be off on the Turks.

    St Kitts is limited, thank God for batik, or else they wouldn’t have anything to offer. They never mentioned anything about Alexander Hamilton’s ancestral homestead.

    Well enough of my crap.

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    1. Yeah I agree Antigua has some amazing architecture and a few interesting museums. St. Kitts truly doesn’t have much to offer. Batik method hails from Java if I am not mistaken.


  2. Thanks for the post!

    I have never been to Guatemala. The zoo has an excellent array of animals……. you mentioned that you did not see some of them in South Africa……that is quite telling, as far as I am concerned! Look at you strolling down the promenade! Lovely shot! 😊

    I spent a day in Costa Rica but visited the rain forest, instead. Loved it! I did not see the egrets and the other birds, though. We did see the fruits, etc., but my stomach, then, was so ‘pitiful’, I would not dare eat anything that I was not used to eating! I salivated, too! 😊

    Curacao…..visited there, too. Liked the place with the tiki-tiki trees and that natural bridge, etc. Not a bad place at all, as also Aruba. Did not visit Turks and Caicos but spent almost an entire day in St. Kitts. Jean has/had a friend there. She might have passed by this……we have not heard from her! Had fun visiting here, there and everywhere else. Grenada, I visited as also Haiti (even went to a wedding there!). Was this a Royal Caribbean cruise?

    I am so glad you had the opportunity to travel so much while the fun lasted…..I hope that you will get the chance to do more in the future. I notice that RCCL is sailing but everyone has to have the two shots to go on the cruise. I am passing on that, too! 😊

    Oh, I loved the picture of the “cushoo mumma” you took…such a lovely picture!

    Chat later!


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