Celebrating Nurses Month

As we celebrate the month of May as the month for Nurses I would like to recognize all nurses around the globe. The year of 2020 to now has been and still is one of the most challenging time for Nurses. They have been out on the frontline with other healthcare providers but as we all know most of a nurse’s

working time is spent caring for patients and I would dare to say that nurses spend the most time with patients than any other provider. I applaud you nurses for the fight to save lives, to comfort families and maintaining professionalism, sensitivity and grace. You deserve the admiration and recognition for all you do.

I would also like to recognize the families of nurses for their sacrifice and selflessness in supporting the nurse during this trying time. We remember those that we lost during this pandemic and to let their families know that we are thinking of them.

Happy Nurses Month.

Hold your head up high and know you did the best you could in a challenging time of such magnitude, probably the first and only time in your lifetime.Continue the good work you do day in and day out.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Nurses Month

  1. Our sister, Densie, former matron of the Kingston public Hospital in Jamaica, would be most thrilled to know that nurses are being given their own month in which to be celebrated!  She was a nurse in every respect!  May she rest in peace!Nurses have had a tough time since this pandemic started and have given their all for the job…..sometimes they have lost their lives all in the name of the job!I ‘lift my hat’ to them and know that they will continue to do their jobs most efficiently!  You ought to know, eh?😁Way to go nurses!!!!!!FaithiSent from my Galaxy

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  2. It truly takes a special person to be called to the profession of Nursing. Yet, so many Jamaicans have pursued the profession. “Big up!” to one of my favorite nurses- my aunt; Auntie Sonia!
    Nuff respect goes out to ALL nurses!
    Great article and love the pics!

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