Huatulco a hidden treasure?

While on a cruise making stops in Central America we stopped at the port of Huatulco, located on the Pacific side of Mexico. This is a resort town that boasts a large number of beaches that is said to be some of the most beautiful you can find. Unfortunately this visit did not allow for a beach visit but what I saw of the town is certainly now on my bucket list for a week’s return visit. Passing through the resort area boasted some lovely resorts on tree lined streets, appeared clean and quiet. My impression was that this area might not have a heavy tourist traffic as yet and is well maintained by the natives. It was certainly a resort atmosphere all around the city.

After a slight climb of steps we visited the Church of Crucecita with such a beautiful interior particularly the painting on the roof dedicated to Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. There were vendors outside but not over crowded nor did they overwhelm visitors; there was an air of reverence.

Across from the church at street level was a lovely town square again not overly crowded.

Continuing in the city we noticed vendors setting up their stalls for the day.

Setting up her umbrella

We stopped at a store where we could purchase products made in Huatulco and was able to catch weavers working their looms. It was good to see some of the end products. Just across the street could not miss the trees loaded with mangoes.

My friend seemed pleased with her purchase supporting the economy

Of course a visit to Mexico would not be complete without a visit here, the liquor stop where we got a taste of a few specialties made with tequila.

Well we are on our way back to the pier.

After passing through the security station heading back to our ship there were opportunities for jewelry and souvenir shopping. The view of the bay is quite picturesque.

Time to say goodbye but will definitely return hopefully before the atmosphere changes.

4 thoughts on “Huatulco a hidden treasure?

  1. Nice pics!  Visited Mexico twice and really see no reason to return there!  Sorry!We had it drilled into us on the ship, before we disembarked …don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t touch anything!  We were each given lunch to take with us on the bus!!!!!  Suited me fine!😊Not a favourite destination of mine….sorry!FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Nice article. Place very pristine and in it’s natural glory. Hope it stays that way
    Very proud to be see our country’s flag waving in the breeze. We all over the world. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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