A stop in Arica, Chile

Arica located in northern Chile offered a different perspective of Chile in contrast to the large city like Santiago. I had not heard of Arica before but of the Atacama desert. I ended up here because it was one of the ports on our cruise itinerary. While driving through the Atacama desert we made a stop to get a closer look at Presencias Tuteleres sculptors done by a-Chilean. Sculptor. These structures are made of concrete and clay and were inaugurated in 1997. They commemorate the first cultures of the region.

Origin of life

while we were there we were entertained by these dancers in their colorful costumes. During the dance I noticed that a whistle was used to change routines and was blown by a female and or male.

Here is a glimpse of the view as we drove through the desert. There was evidence of what appeared to be a village where copper mining was been done and there was this coco cola sign not sure of its significance, I might have missed the explanation from our guide.

We made a stop at the Archaeological Museum San Miguel de Azapa.

We later stopped by a farm and from that spot we were able to view some petroglyphs. It is a good idea to always travel with a pair of binoculars and great if your camera has zoom lens.

La Tropilla Geoglyphs

Around the town

Most pronounced structure Morro de Arica

We did not climb El Morro but visitors are able to and it is said the view is spectacular.

3 thoughts on “A stop in Arica, Chile

  1. I did not go to Arica…….l would have loved to have seen the statues…..they are larger than life and must have meant something to them in their culture.I also only saw the Atacama Desert as we drove by it…no stopping for us!  Pansy was with me once and Jean the other time.Those dancers must have made some loud noises, eh?  Look at those things on the shoes/boots!😁Thanks for sharing. …loved the pictures!Take care and be well!FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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