A week of rest and relaxation

Well my friends vacation in 2020 came to a sudden halt for all of us so I have to go to reminiscing on past vacations that I have not shared with you. One of my friends with whom I worked for a few years before her heading off to serve our country in the Air Force invited me to join her for a week of rest and relaxation in the Cabo area.

I had visited Cabo San Lucas once before while on a cruise but this time I spent a week in San Jose at the Los Cabo’s Vidanta resort. I am a beach lover and I was disappointed swimming in the ocean (Cortez sea) here was not an option the water is extremely rough though the white sandy beach was great for walking and sun bathing. Despite that it is a wonderful place to stay, the staff is excellent, the facility is beautiful and the overall accommodations great.

At nights there was a warm ambiance and if on time you might catch a lovely sunset.

The resort is very quiet at nights there is no nightlife activity but there is a day club just off the beach which offers live entertainment. There are restaurants, cocktail lounges and even a cute stall/kiosk for snacks. Upon arrival we ate at the poolside restaurant

An interestingly decorated seaside restaurant with a great view of the ocean was Casa Calavera which offers indoor and patio accommodations. We chose the patio as the view was great. The service was great and the waiters are very helpful in making choices. There were choices of seafood and typical Mexican dishes, chips and guacamole are always a part of a meal.

For breakfast there is a wide variety where you have the option of a buffet or a la carte. You can dine indoors or on the terrace again we chose the terrace for the view.

We had our time in the spa what an ambiance especially it was not a very busy time. You have the option to enjoy the steam room the hot tub even if you were not having a treatment.

We made reservations at Jazmin’s restaurant as it came highly recommended and enjoyed a live performance. This restaurant is located in the town where the street was decorated with flags across the street creating a festive atmosphere; if you are interested in seeing the show you need to check the days of performance. At the entrance we were met by some of the entertainers and the host seemed quite welcoming. Food is served in healthy portions and I had no problem trying one with combinations I don’t think I was prepared for the portion size.

We took a tour into the city that would Take about a twenty minutes bus ride and making stops at some of the other popular hotels to pick up other guests. Bear in mind car rentals are available if you intend to explore on your own. Taxis are readily available.

enjoyed this meal in the town but if you are in a hurry not the place maybe they were not accustomed to a large group.

We went on a boat ride to go see El Arco up close and enjoy a tour around the bay. There were other tour boats as well as snorklers and groups enjoying other water sports. There were a lot of sea lions basking on the rocks.

Before heading back we made a brief stop at a glass blowing factory to see the art of blow glass and an opportunity to purchase pieces.
On our return the driver stopped at a look out point where the ocean seemed much more calm than on our side yet only spotted one swimmer.

We ventured out another evening at the recommendation of our hospitality hostess this is for us to experience a restaurant (El Toro Guerra) patronized by many of the natives. A brief ride by taxi took us there. What we noticed was that a taxi had to do some sort of recording with security when picking up and dropping off passengers. People at the restaurants are also very helpful in securing taxis for guests returning to their hotels.

An informal setting sort of canteen style seating with excellent food and service also reasonable pricing.

We went into the town one evening where there were many shops and quite active with tourists. As we ventured further in we arrived at a square where there were young people singing dancing and putting on some acrobatic stunts.

As we strolled we found ourselves on a street that could be considered the art district as we peeked into a few stores. We were now heading to the next recommended restaurant, El Herradero Mexican Grill and bar which was a good fifteen minutes walk out of the town. Here there were large groups of tourists already dining. Again food was good, service was good and included a complimentary cocktail. We are not big drinkers and my friend does not drink alcohol but you would never know take a look.

I ended up with hers after all I am not driving

The food was great and served in these iron pots not necessarily soups; mine was a seafood combination.

We spent the time catching up on old stories, strolling around the grounds and relaxing under a cabana at the poolside. We were like children when one night we observed fireworks in a distance had us racing to our balcony.We never knew where it was coming from but did not seem to be on the grounds but sure was a great culmination of our week.

6 thoughts on “A week of rest and relaxation

  1. This was such an awesome trip and so glad we could share it together. Looking forward to more trips to Vidanta properties as they are beautiful, relaxing, luxurious and offer the things we enjoy. Take the trip, eat the cake, buy the shoes, we never know when we will not be able to do such things. Moral of the story, live life to the fullest while you can, there is no perfect time, live now. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Thanks for this blog!

    Isn’t this Audrene? She is looking great! Wonderful for her! Hope you both had a wonderful time…..although you could not cavort in the ocean! ☹

    Thanks for sharing all these travels with me………..Cabo is not likely to see a visit from me so I will live through your tales, my friend! 😊 Nice resort, etc.

    Continue to be safe!


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