This time last year May/June 2019

Well with the pandemic that continues to ravish the world we are forced to stay put in our respective countries. Regardless of well made plans we have to make a big choice between health or enjoyment. The truth is, if we choose enjoyment over health other countries made the decision to protect their population and closed entry to outsiders. I believe in every bad there is a silver lining so I am taking the time to think positively, do things that I have been putting off and going through photographs of previous vacations. This time last year a group of thirty returned to our hometown for a reunion. Should I mention this is also mango season and mangoes are in abundance. We paid a visit to a friend and enjoyed fruits of all kinds.

I can identify some types of mangoes but whether I know which type I enjoy them all and it really doesn’t matter. The types include, common or stringy, St. Julian, blackie, number 11 to name a few.

We also enjoyed star fruit that was also in abundance we just reached up and picked them directly from the tree..

Although we had citrus fruits our interest was more towards mangoes and the star fruits since these are not readily available in the United States. I have to mention we can get mangoes in the US that comes from Mexico and Haiti. The US now imports mangoes from Jamaica. I am elated that my friend secured a case for me. My friends back in Jamaica were calling me telling me about their bountiful reap of mangoes, so mean.

It was pool and beach time at Bahia Principe Grand an all inclusive resort in Runaway Bay.

My first visit to the Philippines highlighted by visit to Kawasan Falls and swimming with whale sharks.

The popular transportation is the Jeepney , reconstructed military jeeps to carry several closely seated passengers. I wonder how they are managing social distancing at this time. They are brightly colored and quite decorative reminds me of the buses in Panama.

My visit to the Philippines was enhanced by a former colleague who gave me the grand tour of Cebu. I look forward to a return visit. My visit can be viewed in earlier posts.

6 thoughts on “This time last year May/June 2019

  1. Mangoes.. …..what about the Bombay, East Indian and Nelson????  Lovely mangoes, l should say! 😁Thanks, again, for those reminders.  Don’t think l am getting to Cebu!😆Take care.lFaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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  2. Magoes are my favorite fruit, although they are a bit expensive in Europe. We get most of ours from Africa and Asia (got a whole case from Burkina Faso in May). And by the way, we can travel freely in Europe these days.

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    1. Now the US is restricted to visiting Europe. Some of the islands have real intense processes for entering. Quarantine required when traveling within the US. We just have to go with the flow right now.


  3. Beautiful photos! The fruit looks delicious. And I am getting pool envy! However I had the same thoughts as you did regarding the social distancing in those trucks!! I assume it must be hot too!?

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