A spin around Sydney

In high school I vividly remember having to draw a map of Australia, name the cities and indicate areas where certain highlights would be found. I would never have believed that I would one day visit this country so far away and I remember thinking why do we have to know all these details. Well I made it to Australia despite the more than twenty four hours traveling. I am often asked how I manage such lengthy traveling time. Well if I want to see the country and that’s the time it takes I put it out of mind and go with the flow. The three longest traveling times or distances I have done were flying to Australia which included a connection, a direct flight to South Africa and to the Philippines.
Of course one of the highlights in Sydney is the Opera House that can be seen from several vantage points. Sometimes with the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background creating a masterpiece.

I had to take a closer look at the structure and design of the roof , which I was more interested in as we toured the facility.

I could use the excuse of limited time, which would be partially true, why I did not take the walk on the bridge but the truth is I know my limitations. Some members of our group took a partial climb. If you have a lot of time there are climb tours if you are interested in a guided tour, can’t help with the price. I am sure it must have a beautiful view and a chance to learn some history.

Another highlight is a boat ride around the harbor which is an Inlet of the Tasman sea . Here are a few shots taken from the boat.

It is quite picturesque at nights especially if you ride a water taxi into Darling harbor.

Close to the Opera House are restaurants no need for formal dressing elegant casual will do just fine.

The restaurants are housed under those white canopies. I am sure there were other more formal dining facilities but these were quite well patronized and not only by tourists.

I had a chance to visit the Aquarium and was quite fascinated by the size and the displays. The thing that struck me most was that at times we were walking below where stingrays were swimming and they were huge, I don’t think the glass magnified them. One of my friends had us laughing when she wondered what if the glass broke while we walking through. Hmmm 🤔. Since the weather was bad when we went to the Barrier Reefs so we were not able see and enjoy the reef formation or colors here we got an artificial view of what we might have missed that tells me a revisit is in order.

A stroll along the cobblestone streets in the area known as the Rocks was enlightening and had a very active atmosphere with cafes and some interesting buildings. A design that seemed specific to this area were the homes with these verandas.

Strolling through the Rocks area had to make a stop to view this bronze plaque, commemorating the Australian Army Nurses,Syembedded in a wall.

The Queen Victoria Building

Traveling around Sydney there were some buildings with some eye catching architecture and one that stood out was the QVB in the central business district. This was quite an impressive building that occupies an entire block.

We did not take a beach break but couldn’t miss Passing by Bondi Beach.

We made a stop at the historical Garrison Church which is an Anglican denomination.

Wow beautiful city with lots to do my plans include a revisit to Australia to visit other major cities maybe for the Australia tennis tournament.

6 thoughts on “A spin around Sydney

  1. So amazing! I would love to go there but I don’t think I could handle the traveling. Thank you for your beautiful description of an amazing place!

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  2. Of course, you rekindled a lot of memories for my Australian trip.  I spent about 10 days in Perth in Western Australia, then a weekend at the Red Rock, then a few days in Sydney and then off to Auckland, NZ.Did all the obligatory visits in Sydney, including the Rocks, Bondi, etc.  Like you, l declined the Bridge tour…..l do not like heights!😋I also visited the Taronga Zoo which is across the harbour.  I really liked the country but have a special love for Western Australia….it looked and felt as if l was in Jamaica!🙂I felt the same about New Zealand, also…..the green grass just got to me, as also the fruits, etc.  Lovely places……not too sure l woll get back there, my friend……flight time is of the essence!😕Brought back so many memories from seeing the pictures, etc.  At least we were able to visit this country ‘down under’!!!!!😁🙂🙂😆Lots of love,FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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  3. Love Sydney, really missing it after reading your post! The first picture of the Opera House, where exactly was that taken from? I have been on that side (around the cruise terminal) however I cannot remember seeing that area and getting that clear view of the Opera House, love it!


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