Highlights while cruising French Polynesian Islands

We arrived In Papeete where our ship was anchored awaiting our arrival. The weather was beautiful and the area active with people hurrying around. Not too far from the pier was a large market, (Papeete Market) with handcrafts, souvenirs, items of clothing, textiles, food products etc. What caught my attention was the display of exotic floral arrangements and very inexpensive, if I remember correctly the cost was about $15 in comparison to those in the United States which runs about from $35 up. For those who know me well would not be surprised that I purchased one for my room. The arrangement maintained its beauty for the duration of the cruise.

This is certainly a place with thick vegetation, beautiful beaches and great mountain ranges. It appeared to me very quickly how close the Islands are you can actually stay from one and see the others in the distance. It is amazing how far cruising have become in regards to the size of the ships. I remember my friend who had gone to Tahiti and who gave me the idea of a place to visit, her ship was more of a yacht. Our first day we had a guided tour around Papeete which had beautiful roads and thick green vegetation. There were familiar trees such as breadfruit. We were reminded that the breadfruit came from Tahiti, in Jamaica roasted breadfruit is most popular but can be boiled. Banana trees were also plentiful and a variety of beautiful flowers. We also visited one of their beautiful waterfalls after a short trek we were at the foot of the falls.

The green object is what the breadfruit looks like
Point Venus lighthouse

Another point of interest was a visit to a sacred site (Marae) where historically Polynesian social, religious and political activities occurred. The modern day Polynesians still hold these sites sacred. These sites can be found on all the islands with the largest in Raiatea.

When in Tahiti the mountain range of Moorea seemed to be always looming in the background.

Beside lovely beaches majestic mountain ranges and lush vegetation this is the island with an extensive pineapple plantation. A popular product from this region is noni juice which has many medicinal benefits.

Noni plant

As we sailed from island to island there were fishermen and mini motu(sand-fringed islets) with the largest we saw was in Bora Bora.

This particular picture was taken as the fisherman dropped his lobster pot and we were routing for him as he pulled one up but unfortunately there was no catch so the pot was thrown in for another try.

Motu Bora Bora
Bungalows perched on stilts in Bora Bora

Copra processing is done in this area and we had a chance to visit a site where were able to have a taste of the coconut. We were familiar with coconut in the husk and also familiar with grated coconut boiled to form a kind of custard. This dish was in place besides the fruits and servings of pieces of coconut. In Jamaica we eat that custard- like dish with the roasted breadfruit. My friends and I made several trip to get more of the coconut dish as it was not the most popular with our group probably because it was not familiar.

Coconut out for drying

Sarongs are very popular and serve as good gifts and souvenirs. These sarongs are decorated using the tie dye technique.

These templates create designs such as fish and other sea creatures. Those hanging are some of the end product.

While enjoying some beach time besides enjoying the ocean we observed some of the most colorful fishes that were swimming around even close to the shallow area. Another wonderful vacation.

One thought on “Highlights while cruising French Polynesian Islands

  1. Good morning, LornaDid not get a chance to read this over the last day (or two?) as l have been busy getting my hair done (it took almost 7 hours to complete the process!).  You could have thought l was getting my hair braided or something else!🙏Anyway, l was taken right back to my trip to Tahiti when l read this.  The marae, the motus, the beautiful time we had in Bora Bora, the over-the-water cottages ….we stayed in one for a day and the fish, seen through the glass floor, were very active!🤭All the beautiful scenery you mentioned, l remember quite well.  Did they show you the graves of family members in the front yards…..some with breakfast, lunch or supper on them or birthday cakes, etc.  I  think that might have been staged! 🤭While relaxing on one of those motus, l was bitten by an insect just below the back of the neck.  I thought nothing of it and continued my trip .. 2 weeks.  When l got back to Canada l would occasionally feel an itching in the area.  I would scratch at it and moved on…..not remembering that l had been bitten.  I will tell you what happened when we chat!  I must have told you.😕’Any-hoo’, l thoroughly enjoyed a re-visit to the area.  I travelled in an upgraded yacht….only outside cabins!😊  Loved every minute of it!  When l got back, l did not eat anything with coconut for months….had too much there.😆I had boiled breadfruit….definitely not a favourite!😁Thanks for sharing!  Where do you find the time to do all this?😊FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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