A brief visit to Fiji

We stayed at the Warwick hotel which was a lovely resort with on site beach located inKorolevu. There is a restaurant sitting on a reef and to get there you walk on an established pathway that is illuminated at nights by torches. It is quite a production when the torches are being lit. The site offers one of the most beautiful sunsets.

The restaurant in the background and note the pathway

There is also live entertainment at nights and as usual guests participate.

Dining at the restaurant, Wicked Walu , on the reef requires a reservation and the ambiance and view you wouldn’t want to miss.

Entering Wicked Walu restaurant
Inside the restaurant

Traveling with Grand Circle tours we generally have the experience of a home visit. I always look forward to this highlight as there is a reasonable amount of time to spend and interact with the natives. You experience and discuss some of their customs and they learn of yours. During the visit to the village we observed a Kava Ceremony during which there is drinking of Kava ( a narcotic drink made from the root of a pepper plant mixed with water). Guests were invited to participate by tasting the drink; we were informed by our guide that we could not participate if we choose not to but be mindful to be respectful and discreet. The Kava did not have an appealing look it had a brownish colour but the men gladly participated since they heard of the alcohol benefits. There were no females participating in the ceremony but were present during the ceremony.

The bowl contains the Kava

Our group seated opposite to the Chief and comrades. The Kava is served in a cup and you taste and pass on.

The meal was prepared by the host and included lots of tropical fruits. It is funny I can’t remember what we ate as the main dish but it wasn’t anything unusual to us. Interacting was easy since fluent English is spoken by all.

Another highlight was our visit to a school. The challenge posed to the guests was to tell how many boys were in the class. It was certainly a challenge they all wore white shirts and grey bulas (looks like a kilt ) and their hair worn low. Of course we guessed incorrectly though we noticed some were wearing earrings but of course some of the girls were not.

4th grade Classroom

During our travel around we got glimpses of some Bure (traditional Fijian house).The Bure looks like a hut generally white on the bottom and the roof of thatch.

For the shoppers, there was time allotted and some went for a visit to the zoo. This short visit of three days gave me just a glimpse and I would surely revisit.

2 thoughts on “A brief visit to Fiji

  1. Miss Lorna

    I think I missed this e-mail! Yikes!

    I have not been to Fiji……and I probably would not get there any time soon, either! The pictures look like postcards……….such beautiful coconut trees and the sunset! Pretty! 😊

    The kava drink! You know who would not have been participating in that , eh? I have been involved in situations like this and I did not care less….I promptly said “No” and no one bothered me! I guess with what is happening these days, the practice must have been abolished, eh? 😊

    Nice trip! How come you only stayed three days? Liked the restaurant on the Island….the walkway…not so much! 😊 I would have had to walk over with my eyes closed, for sure. 😊

    Thanks, again, for sharing.


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