At home during this pandemic

I have only gone out two times since the stay at home and that is solely to get groceries replenished. My is mom is 88 years old and in very good health and I want to keep it that way. We are even exercising social distancing when I enter her apartment. I have been attending meetings and services via the internet. I also attended my first zoom birthday party that was interesting and fun.

I have been busy downloading and organizing pictures and of course trying to improve my blogging skills. Luckily technology is so grand at this time I am able to keep in constant touch with my friends and family internationally. I have not been playing the piano much in the last few years but I am back to practicing again. I use the word practicing because I am not a proficient player. I even did a webinar two days ago. Got a few tricks to help me get the benefit I want out of playing. Won’t be a classical player but will enjoy.

Hope everybody had a great Mother’s Day I cooked a full Jamaican dish for my mom and she seemed to have enjoyed it.

Well three trips have been cancelled so far and I am sure the last one for my birthday will be cancelled. This is out of our control so I am ok with it and will find things to do around the house until things change.

One thought on “At home during this pandemic

  1. Thank you!I have not done the Azores as yet.  The time to do all this seems to be a problem for me.  I  am doing so much with all my projects, etc. 😄Well written, my friend, and the explanation, although not expected, is welcomed.Keep up the good work…..continue to be safe.FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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