My visit to the Azores

The first stop on my transatlantic cruise was the Azores Islands although only for a day we got a good idea of what the place has to offer. One of the major attraction is the Terra Nostra Park on San Miguel Island. A major attraction is the thermal pool and some of our fellow travelers came prepared for a dip.

One of our group member in the pool while others hang around.

This is not an average pool as most of us are accustomed to and the color of the water was unusual but related to the minerals.

We made a stop at Caldieras de Furnas where there were several active bubblers and and steam could be seen from other thermal activity in the distance. A climb up the hillside would certainly have given me a better look but in essence of time and my agility I chose not to take the climb.šŸ˜Š

You can see people walking in the background as they go further inland. These active boilers were reasonably close to the street so everyone could enjoy.

Back in the city of the province of Ponta Delgado it was very clean and with some great views across the city.

Center Square
Arches on the left were known to be the gates to the city.
City Hall building tower in the background

I would like to return to spend more time to enjoy some of the geothermal pools and see more of other islands.

One thought on “My visit to the Azores

  1. I spent about 2 weeks in San Miguel. A very dear friend of mine lives there and runs a hotel.

    I spent the time at her hotel and had a wonderful time, visiting the main City, etc. She and her hubby lived in Toronto for many, many years….she worked at the Royal Bank of Canada (we met there!) and he was a gym manager.

    I would love to go back there but with my present thoughts, this will not be possible, for sure!

    I liked the place, though!


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