Visit to Trujillo, Peru

Disembarked in the port of Salaverry and boarded a bus to take a tour around the city. It’s a fairly modern town and with a lot of activity and quite clean. In a distance there was a pronounced structure hovering over the buildings. Upon arrival at the Plaza De Armas there was the freedom monument. Quite an impressive structure of granite that goes up in levels.

The structures on the first level represent science, trade, art and health and on next level holds statues of three men symbolizing oppression, struggles and liberation.

On the left represents struggle and on the right liberation
Representing oppression

Walking around the plaza it was well maintained with gardens and colorful buildings. A building that stood out was the Trujillo Cathedral Basilica.

We visited Casa Urquiago a colonial house which is a museum depicting the history. There were some beautiful pieces with such detailed design.

I was fascinated with the lock at the entrance.

Huaca de la Sol

These pyramid like structures (sun and moon) were thought to be temples, palaces, meeting places etc. built with adobe bricks and inside you are able to recognize some patios and different rooms.

Leaving La Luna

Outside around the grounds are other pieces reflective of the culture.

Driving through this historical area the streets are not as well maintained as in the city in and around the Plaza de Armas but was not unexpected.

3 thoughts on “Visit to Trujillo, Peru

  1. Thanks, my friend!

    I have not been to Peru so all this is quite new to me. I like that monument in the Plaza De Armas.

    How come you did not take some pictures of the women making their hats or other little mementos which they sell to tourists. Was this on your way to Machu Picchu? I would have loved to go to see this place and even to the Galapagos……not likely now, eh? 😊

    Glad you had the opportunity to get to these places when you did…….I do not know what travel will be like in the future. Helplessly, we stand by and watch things simply swivel away from us without being able to stop them from doing so. What is that new normal like?

    Thanks, again, for sharing your travels with us. At least you enjoyed yourself on those trips, right? 😊


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  2. My husband announced yesterday that top of his wish list when we get traveling again is … Peru…. I’m all right with that!!!

    Thanks for sharing…



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