National Parks of the West

Because of how much we enjoyed the Black Hills National Parks we decided to continue visiting other parks. Our first point of interest was Death Valley the lowest and driest Park with temperatures that can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit. We were informed early that if the temperature was over I believe 105 we would not be able to visit. Fortunately for us it was just about 100 degrees when we got there. We left the bus and with a mild climb we were at a point to get a great view of the beautiful desert mounds. I can certainly appreciate why there is a limit to visitation because it was scorching. We spent enough time to quickly survey the surroundings and take a few photos and hurried back to the air conditioned bus that awaited our return.

This shot gives you an idea of where the bus was parked that heat had us racing back to the bus.

Our next stop was Kings Canyon National park and the Sequoia Park. Here we would have a close up view of these enormous trees soaring way above us. Walking through the Grant Grove we stopped to marvel at General Grant tree the second largest tree in the world.

Walking around I marvel at enormity of these trees and the roots.

These trees live for thousands of years which explains their size. We came across a fallen tree which created a tunnel that adult visitors could comfortably walk through.

Soon it was time for lunch in the redwood forest.

One of the things we enjoyed with this and our other national parks tour is how well we use our time by having picnic lunches. We don’t have to live with a schedule so we could explore for longer and we got a chance to enjoy nature. Of course Moving from place to place daily does not give you an opportunity to explore these parks in-depth but affords us enough time to appreciate the beauty and major points of interest. Driving from place to place offers some beautiful landscapes and rock formation and on occasions streams and/or rivers.

We are next visiting Yosemite National Park quite an extensive one. There is El Capitan in all its majesty and from a distance there was a rock climber making his trek up the side. Unfortunately we did not see as many waterfalls as was expected but we saw some more sequoia trees and some fantastic granite formations.

Just east of Yosemite is the mono basin since there is no outlet the lake is highly concentrated in salt. We could see some salt beds and caught a beautiful rainbow over the landscape.

We were in for a treat as we head to Lake Tahoe. Our tour offered a choice between shopping or going on a boat ride on the lake, I opted for the boat ride. There is a boat that takes visitors on a guided tour so there were other groups aboard. There were many sailboats and catamarans in the water and folks milling around for what seemed to have been some water sports.

After a lovely boat ride with lunch on board we headed to Virginia City a historic mining town. Another opportunity to view some gorgeous landscape on our way. There were interesting names on some of the buildings and seemed to have maintained its old features. Notably were the banners on the light posts dedicated to military servicemen. Another notable were the wooden walkways. There Were salons and opportunity for shopping and seats on the wooden pathways in front of the establishments.

We headed into the historical city of Lovelock in Pershing. As we strolled through the plaza locks inscribed with names decorated the plaza. It is said that the Chinese tradition is reflected here where visitors placed locks; locking in their relationships. Take a look.

Another point of interest is the Pershing court house which is the only round courtroom still in use.

We stopped at California Trail Interpretive Center which is a museum with interactive displays.

It is always interesting to revisit as we did to Temple Square, State Capital building and This is the Place because there is always something you missed on your first visit.

Watch for continuation.

4 thoughts on “National Parks of the West

  1. My friendI just went through your blog!Very interesting!  I was particularly enthused to see the locks.  So many countries have this ‘problem’.  We saw it in South America and were told that every so often, the government cuts off the locks and they are melted.Before they could look around, the locks are back! 😁😆Thanks, again, for making it such a great read and, visually, very effective with the pictures.I went on the site and it looks good to me.  I do not know what l am looking for, though!Chat soon!FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Very interesting and breathtaking, would love to have seen them myself but you offer the next best thing .Thank you girlfriend. I will certainly follow this blog. Faith

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