Wrapping up Rocky Mountains and Black Hills National Parks

Before leaving Utah we paid a visit to This is The Place Heritage Park where history comes alive depicting the arrival of the pioneers led by Brigham Young and tells how Salt Lake City was settled. It features the historical monument.

There are also other monuments reflecting the struggles experienced in arriving at this spot.

This site is open to visitors and there is a chu chu train that takes you around the village where you can hop off and visit some of the buildings, activities, like horseback riding, and some demonstrations.

After leaving the park we were now heading to Vernal made a stop in Roosevelt where we stopped for a bite at the Frontier Grill. The main route lined with pots of pink and white azalea flowers.

We are heading into the Dinosaur National Park before visiting the Quarry Exhibit Hall, it is another picnic styled lunch.

Our little friend decided to join us and was having a good time until a bird swooped down and snatched its bread. Call me silly but I never realized that dinosaurs were truly real until I came here. One of the great things about traveling, it is educational. Throughout the park the hilly rangeS appeared as if it had taken on the dinosaurs’ shape. We took a trolley up to the Quarry Exhibit Hall where we had a look at some amazing fossils embedded in the walls.

For the weak at heart and with the fear of heights we were heading up Trail Hill Road to the top of Rocky Mountain Park. We passed Milner Pass, the divide line at an elevation of 10,759 ft above sea level. Not to mention that was not our height of destination, unfortunately I forgot the height but we were high.The road was in excellent condition, the mountain ranges were majestic with patches of snow and mini ponds (my description) and bikers flying up and down the roadway. At the top you could feel the climate change and some felt the impact on their equilibrium.The sight was spectacular and the air refreshing.

This tour was organized by YMT vacations. Watch for my visit to the National parks in the west.

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