Parks of the West continues

A visit to Dead horse point State Park was another visual experience as it relates to the geological formations and The view from different vantage points overlooking Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado River. The view is said to be approximately 2,000 feet down from the rim. This park was sparsely vegetated in comparison to Yosemite and did not have the granite rocks but was awesome. Sitting out on some smaller boulders for picnic lunch gave another opportunity to commune with nature.

This park may not be as popular as the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands Park but it should be, because of the view it offers from different vantage points. There is a visitors centre and an area to get refreshments located a little walk up the hill which allows for a beautiful view of the Colorado River meandering around these awesome rock formations.

There is a boat ride down the Colorado River which can be taken by day or by night can’t help with the cost as it was an optional tour included in the cost of our trip. We took the night ride in an open air boat with a guide. The night ride offers a light show that brings the region alive. We were able to see images of hieroglyphics on the canyon walls, as we sailed back, the rock walls were illuminated at different points with great narration and sound effects. The show was quite a production and truly enjoyable.

This is the view of Canyon Lands while we await the embarkation just as the sun was setting over the Colorado River.

As we travelled around it was a lesson in ecology, the colors and the formations are unlike anything you could imagine. We are now entering The Arches National Park and such a beautiful day to enjoy this immense Park. As you drive into the park you can see some of the major rock formation but walking the mile long Park Avenue Hike trail gives you a different perspective. If you are not able to manage the heat and the walk you will still be able to enjoy the formations some with a little imagination before detecting the look alike formations.

As you venture further in there are different formation and different rock colors

On our way to Capital Reef Nation Park our guide told us about these wonderful cinnamon buns served at Blondies, unfortunately now permanently closed, so he ordered ahead and they were great. We made a stop at Hollow Mountain convenience store, a store in the rock.

Driving to Capital reef exposed us to further ecological wonders the enormous colorful rocks displaying changes in the formations And colors over the years.

In this park there were pathways to get closer to the massive towering rocks. There was also quite a bit of vegetation but clear enough for us to stroll around and even ran into a few deers.

our next visit was Bryce Canyon National Park known for its hoodoos, up shout of rocks from a drained basin. These hoodoos look like someone chiseled out formations. There are different viewing points and you can take a hike or run down the pathways into what I call the bell of these formations.

There are many hiking trails that a full day at this site would be well spent as you could get to explore more. For example the rim trail to view sunrise point is half a mile and to do the Narajo loop 1.3 miles return.

We will be heading to the Grand Canyon and Zion Park next.

4 thoughts on “Parks of the West continues

  1. Miss Lorna

    I found this all VERY interesting!

    The sheer scope of the depth of the cliffs in in Dead Horse Point State Park is something to behold. I even thought I saw rocks in the formation of the Innukshuk usually found in the north of Canada; saw faces hewed in the rocks; I even thought I saw two eyes on a rock. I was just going to ask about animals in the Park and then I saw the deers; then, I saw what looked like the Chinese terracotta warriors!!!!!!! …………..a lot of them……..I guess they were either hewed out by the winds, water or done by hand by the Indians? I, too, would have taken a picture of that twisted tree……..very attractive.

    Thanks for sharing this with me. I would never have known that such beauty existed outside of these regularly visited spots like Grand Canyon!

    Take care.



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