Rocky Mountains and Black Hills National parks

This was going to be an adventure as the trip would be a moving target. I refer to it as a moving target because we would be moving from state to state every day spending just overnight in the hotels. Packing had to be sensible overpacking was not an option. We flew to Denver Colorado for overnight stay and to meet our guide, bus driver and the other members of our group. Before leaving Denver we took a brief tour of the city and made a stop at he Capital State Building. This was my first visit to a State Capital and what a great experience. The place was so majestic take a view

An iconIc structure in Denver is the 400ft big blue bear peaking in the window of the convention center.

We then moved unto Cheyenne, Wyoming. We visited the State Capital here as well. Another impressive building with some life like exhibits. As you approach the State Capital building imbedded in the pathway is Wyoming’s state seal depicting livestock and mining industries.

In walking distance from our hotel was the Cheyenne Depot Museum on the site of the old Union Pacific Railway. Outside were several sculptures done by Wyoming sculptors.

A feature in Cheyenne are the 8ft boots with paintings depicting the history of Wyoming.

We made a stop at Fort Laramie National Historic Site, which was a fur trading post but eventually became a military base.

We then went on to Mount Rushmore (in the South Dakota Black Hills National Forest). As we strolled towards the entrance there was a mountain goat grazing. This was a surprise as they are usually seen in higher grounds. This is an amazing structure as you get closer it is as if each President eyes are staring directly at you. As you stroll around the grounds there are beautiful pieces of granite in the raw. After the presentation by a Ranger those guests who were currently serving or have served in the military were invited on stage to be acknowledged.

Since this was a trip that we were constantly moving, before starting our day, we would stop by a food court and/or the supermarket to gather food for our picnic lunch. At lunchtime we would be in a park or picnic stop; lunch would be more of sandwiches, fruits, and beverages.

We made a brief stop in the historical city of Deadwood known for its gold rush history. It has the cemetery where legends like Calamity Jane is buried. There is also The Midnight Star which was owned by Kevin Costner we stoped in to try our luck at the machines.

We drove through Rapid City where Life-like size bronze sculptures of past presidents lined the streets. Unfortunately we were driving hence hampered me from getting clear pictures.

Not too far from Mount Rushmore sits another monument started in 1948 and is not yet completed, the Crazy Horse Memorial. This monument is larger than the presidents’ memorial at Mount Rushmore; It is said that monument could fit in the head of Crazy Horse. There are many exhibits in the museum about the Indian history with replicas of what the end product of this monument will look like. At completion he will be sitting on his horse. While we were there you could see and hear the blasting of the rocks. There is a trolley that could take you up the mountainside to get a closer look and probably a walk on his out stretched arm.

The nature gate has brass pieces of birds and animals that symbolizes the Black Hills region.

After a full day we were off for some live entertainment and a dinner which would mimic the times of old. We were served in metal like plates, beverages in metal cups and food that was not for the faint of heart. This would not suit someone who is very particular about what and how food is served. My take was the intent of the experience.

The next day started out heading to Montana come back to see where went next.

4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountains and Black Hills National parks

  1. A very interesting trip, my friend!I was quite pleased to see several pictures of…..the blue bear looking through the convention centre window, Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial which is not yet completed!  It would be nice to see some of these places but l know my path will not be the US!!!🙂Those boots are quite intimidating, eh?  Would have loved to have seen them., too.A thorough job done!FaithKeep the info coming!Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Quite an interesting trip across the USA. There are so many historical places that are worth seeing; however we take for granted. Thanks for taking us on your journey and looking forward to the continuation of your midwestern travels.


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