Cruising to Buenos Aires continues

Well we sailed into Puerto Madryn, Argentina. We had the option to take a shuttle bus into the town or walk, we choose walking , a good hike. We strolled around and did a little shopping, got a beautiful leather bag for my mom, a leather cap for my friend while the other members chose belts etc. We then strolled up a little hill bordering the ocean where we got a better view of the coastline across the bay. We also were able to see a flock of rock shags, (seabirds that can fly and dive). Not too far were a colony of sea lions, appeared like baby ones although our perspective was from a distance, making that sound not quite like an howl but Like a grunt.

rock shags
sea lions

Travelling on Norwegian cruises there is a night when all white is the dress code, optional of course. This was our first cruise with NCL and was not aware of the white night but luckily we all had full white and joined in the party.

After docking in Montevideo, Uruguay, there was a complimentary shuttle to a leather store, we were not in there for anytime as it did not appeal to us. We had not taken a tour with the ship which was unusual especially in a foreign language country. Fortunately for us the taxi we took the driver spoke limited English accompanied by someone who was fluent In English and had lived in New York for many years. We drove around making several stops that peeked our interest and to take pictures of course.

Uruguay is not known to have an indigenous group but the Indios Charraus warriors is the closest to an indigenous group. This monument is located in Prada Park. We also made a stop in Plaza de Armada walked across to get a better view of the Heroes monument.

There are a number of beautiful monuments one of which was the wagon train (La Carreta) ox driven used before the introduction of rail and motor vehicles.

As we drove around one memorial we passed was the Holocaust del Pueblo Julio on the shores of River Plate.

Going around Montevideo

Unfortunately I cannot remember the church but had to include the impressive altar. The Legislative Palace is the site where the Uruguayan parliament meets. Before returning to the ship we decided to take our driver and guide for a meal.

As we walked towards the restaurant we passed through a square with a beautiful fountain and this is what I saw.

This would be our last night aboard our ship where we met new friends and had to do a photo shot with our Head waiters.

We arrived in Buenos Aires already feeling the tango atmosphere. Also getting to enjoy a live drama in a small square.

Not far from our hotel, walking distance to be exact is The Casa Rosa which is the executive mansion and office of the president of Argentina and is referred to as the Government house. This building is located in Plaza de Mayo which took its name from the May 1810 Revolution.

One would not visit Buenos Aires and not visit Recoleta Cemetery which is an experience in itself. There were some huge and interesting monumental type tombs. From the outside some of the monuments can be seen towering over the walls.

We took a day tour that took us about an hour ride out of the city, beautiful ride interesting contrast as you see an area of lesser means about a block away from the more wealthy area.

We arrived at a ranch where we got an up close view of some Gauchos (Argentinean horsemen) demonstrating skills with their horseS and put on quite a show.

We got a chance to do a mini horseback ride and a fifteen minute return horse drawn buggy ride across the property. We were later treated to a bbq and live entertainment while we dined. Interesting venue with vintage model cars.

A highlight of being in Argentina is seeing a show with Argentinean tango dancers it was a treat. Not only were the dancers great but so was the band.

That’s all folks watch for the next cruise out of Valparaiso visiting Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and more. Traveling by land and sea.

4 thoughts on “Cruising to Buenos Aires continues

  1. My second set of comments tonight!🙂
    Thanks for the reruns on my trips to these countries. Thoroughly enjoyed it all..well highlighted, too!


  2. I love the new design/format of XLCRGIRL’S BLOG. Also, I appreciate the detailed information, and the breathtakingly beautiful pictures of all three updates to ‘Cruise to Buenos Aires’. Very enjoyable!


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