Cruise to Buenos Aires continues

Processing to go aboard did not take very long and we were soon on our shuttle Bus to the ship. Our first port was Puerto Mont a quaint town considered as the gateway to the Andes.

Our next stop was Puerto Chacabuco, on this tour we had a trainee guide who wasn’t able to answer most of the questions. You know sometimes some of the questions dealt with the landscape and some of the questions were posed by people just having a need to ask questions, you got my drift. It was a rainy day a drive of about forty five minutes not a very scenic ride in my opinion. We got to a point where we could get off the bus to go down a hill to see, I can’t remember what, except it could not have sounded interesting that none of my group went. The next highlight was a waterfall by the wayside and a religious shrine/alter as the bus made a u turn to return to the ship. Not a tour I would recommend, but is still on the itinerary, so I might have missed something.

We continued sailing through the Chilean Fjords giving us some spectacular views.The majestic view of the glaciers and the most impressive Garibaldi glacier with its blue teal like color as it meanders down to the ocean.

Our next port was Punta Arenas

The thing I remember most about Punta Arenas was that crew members were purchasing TVs and Other appliances seem to be a shopping spot. I took a quick walk through a very large shopping mall as my friend was looking to replace her telephone charger. I generally don’t do much shopping on trips and when I do it’s quick and an unusual item.

When we were sailing around Cape Horn I remember peering through my cabin window to catch a glimpse. Below is the view I caught.

Our next port was Ushuaia, Argentina, loved it. The port was very busy as it appeared there was some form of celebration so there were several boats in port. These boats were loaded with people and evidently from surrounding places because they had different flags. Walking along the gangway was bustling with folks. What a picturesque site with the snow capped mountains bordering the port. We strolled out of the port and up a slight hill to find a beautiful garden. Time did not allow us to take one of the tours offered by the locals, I guess we did not plan well in addition to being caught up with the activities going on in the town center.

After leaving the beautiful port of Ushuaia our next stop was Stanley port in the Falkland Island. Well this was a place we expected to see some penguins and one of my friends was very excited. Upon embarkation there was an information center and of course there was a line. My friend somehow was ahead of us and suddenly she darted outside in a hurry. She had just found out that the busses outside would take us to a point where we would be able to view many penguins. She almost forgot about us. The bus ride took us up a hill which gave us a lovely view of the coastline and yes penguins. The pathway was cordoned off to prevent visitors from going in the grassy area, perhaps to get a closer look at the penguins, or to probably get a closer look of the terrain, as there were still active land mines buried in this area.

From the top you could see penguins along the beach and on the sides as we drove up.

Well I guess we couldn’t leave without stopping by a nearby pub to cool off with beer and have some fish and chips.

Enjoying the beer while the fish and chips were being prepared.

Come back soon to see the other ports.

2 thoughts on “Cruise to Buenos Aires continues

  1. I literally re-lived my trips to South America, while reading and looking at these pictures! Wow! I was so happy to see pictures of the places, again. We did not go to Port Chacabuco but all the others, we did. Saw the glaciers, watched with amazement the purchase of TVs in Punta Arenas…we were all laughing and wondering why?….did Ushuaia (actually visited in that country four times!) and then Port Stanley on the Falklands. Didn’t go there the first time….bad weather…but the second time, we got through. I went to that same Cathedral and got me a New Testament with a donation to the church!:-) How much fun is this for me? Thanks for taking me back, there! Loved it!


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