Cruising from Chile to Buenos Aires

After an overnight flight we arrived in Santiago Chile. I should say this was a few days after there was an earthquake in off the coast of central Chile With a Richter scale of 8.8 causing widespread damage, we thought our trip would have been cancelled. We had enough confidence that GCT our tour operator would ensure that things were safe for our stay in Santiago. In fact when we got there our guide told us the company had sent in their own inspectors to evaluate our hotel. Walking around the city there was no evidence of a place that had just experienced an earthquake.

Six of us were scheduled for this trip but one of our party cancelled at the last moment well did she miss some fun Which we never allowed her to forget. We had dinner that evening at a restaurant on a hillside that gave us a beautiful view of the City and the Andes mountains in a distance. Though slightly overcast the mountains were clearly discernible and offered a beautiful sunset. After a great meal meeting and greeting other members of our group we were entertained with live entertainment.

We toured around the city catching a glimpse of the beautiful architecture strolling in Constitution Square and stopping at some historical buildings for example the former Congress building. During our free time we got a chance to enjoy some of the local eateries, pretty crowded during lunchtime. A ride via the funicular up to San Cristobal Hill to get a better view of the city and to take a trek up to the sanctuary where the statue of Mary stands, reminded me of the Corcovado in Rio de Janiero.

Interestingly we were told that there were several aftershocks but fortunately for us we did not feel them. After a few days in Santiago we started on our way to Valparaiso which is where the port is. We travelled by bus passing many vineyards and beautiful landscapes. We made a stop to enjoy more of the Chilean culture. We got an up close look at a Huasa (female horsewoman) and Huaso ( skilled horseman). A Hauso would be compared to the Argentinean gaucho. We enjoyed some Chilean empanadas while watching some native dancers who also entertained us during a sit down lunch..

We continued on our trek to Valparaiso enjoying the beautiful drive along the coastline making a brief stop at Archaeological Museum (Museo de Fonck) in Vina del Mar featuring an Easter Island Moai statue.

Before boarding our ship we took a brief driving tour around Valparaiso, clean town , with an impressive Hero’s monument.

The day we passed through they had an outdoor market in session.

We were now ready to board out floating hotel

4 thoughts on “Cruising from Chile to Buenos Aires

  1. Miss Lorna: Did you just go on this trip? I have to ask as I can never keep your different trips in my mind! 🙂 Nice pictures and good narration…..Pansy and I visited the area when we joined a cruise there. I do remember so many of those areas from the pictures, especially the one which looks like a twisted rope! Very lovely! Sorry I cannot join you on any of these trips……….I do so hate to fly these days. Maybe the fear will go away? Who knows! Stay safe, though…….these are challenging times. Doing a good job! Faith

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    1. This is a previous trip. Since it appears all my planned trips maybe cancelled I have decided to post about some that I did before I started the blog. Watch for the follow up posts. Thanks for checking me out


      1. Oh, l did wonder!😊Good on you to keep this blog going, in spite of cancelled trips, etc.  At least there is something to keep you busy, eh?I hope you have been practising social distancing and “namasta-ing” instead of shaking hands. 😀  We are mainly inside these days with the occasional drive out to pick up an item or so.Jean and Eddie returned 14 days ago from a trip to India.  I picked them up and had to be self-isolated for half the time.  They did their isolation running out to get food once!  They are both fine, l think.Stay safe, my friend……these are challenging times!  Love to Mama!FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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