Memory lane continues

When I visited the leaning tower what struck me was, depending on the angle you are standing the structure appears straight and with a slight shift the lean is so pronounced.

A visit to Athens should include changing of the guard of the unknown soldier. Reminded me of the changing of the guards at Arlington Cemetery. It can also be entertaining because of the kicks The guards do as part of their drill. If you are staying in Athens for a few days try to visit the Parthenon earlier in the day. It is hot on the Acropolis.

Excavation continues at the Knossos palace in Crete. Contents meticulously removed to preserve the relics. Knossos is considered the largest Bronze Age Archaeological site in Crete

I do enjoy cruises on the big ships but doing a riverboat Cruise is fantastic. The service is excellent and you get to know people very quickly. My first riverboat Cruise was with GCT (grand circle tours), they have their own boats and all guests are traveling as GCT group no other tour groups were on board. There are several riverboat companies sailing the European waters and a popular one is Viking, their boats have several decks and larger than the one I was on. These boats allow you to stop in ports that a large cruise liner cannot go. A visit to Holland in the springtime one really gets to see the beauty of the tulips in bloom and around the city beds of various colored tulips were simply awesome. Expect some rain and the need for an overcoat.

if it’s the year of the Floriade (an international exhibition and garden festival held every 10 years) there might not be an abundance of blooming flowers but an interesting visit as there are displays, live entertainment and lots to explore.

Being in Amsterdam a boat tour through the canals Is a must as it certainly gives you a different perspective of the city. Also on display are the varied designed house boats. A must See also is a visit to the Kinderdijk(children dyke) windmills. You can sail down the river or you can walk don’t forget to take a tour in the windmill quite surprising you might even want to take a climb up the stairs.

A highlight of a stop in Rotterdam Are the cube houses nestled against standard homes.

Although the entertainment on a riverboat is not as elaborate as the big liners you can still have fun.

2 thoughts on “Memory lane continues

  1. I am an island girl who would be happy just island hopping, but when I view your pictures I realize there are so many places out there other than islands. After viewing your blog I am now including Holland and France on my trip list. Thank you for inspiring me to look wider than island life.

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