A trip down memory lane

As I look forward to my planned trips coming up I was looking through some pictures reminiscing on some of the beautiful places I have visited. I have to thank my friends for suggesting I do this blog because as I peruse some pictures I marvel at some of the cultural experiences I have had and new friends I have made. My friends keep asking which is my favorite place that I visited. Switzerland holds a special spot maybe since it was my first European adventure. However I have enjoyed every place I have visited and because of the cultural diversity I have had different experiences unique to the particular country. Although Latin countries have similarities in their architecture and similar names to some of their major attractions/sites each country has its own to offer.

Thought I would share a few of those memories.

Cube houses in Rotterdam

Did not get to go inside one of these houses but quite impressive

One thought on “A trip down memory lane

  1. ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’: a totally unexpected treat; it’s the icing on the cake. Your awesome pictures of La Sagrada Familia peaked my interest to check out Architect Gaudi’s other famous buildings. Thank you for sharing.

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