Heading to the South Coast

So we are off to the South travelling to Vik, a village located at the tip of Iceland. Driving out on a beautiful sunny day, the scenery is breath taking with the fall colors against the mountainside and the sparkling mini waterfalls and a glimpse of some of the glaciers in the distance. As you cross over the rivers the water is so clear and the air so fresh. There are many streams flowing through the landscape as you pass by these lava beds. Also noted is the rich green moss that grows on the lava beds and quite protected as our guide explained.

We stopped at the Skogafoss waterfalls situated on the Skoga river falling from the cliffs of  the former coastline. This falls comes from 2 glaciers. As I mentioned before I know my limitations and therefore did not venture up the 390 steps, I believe, to see the view down below. Maybe if we would be there for a longer period I might have. Sure right. Take a look at the picture you can see people at that look out point. There is a story that there is a treasure chest left there by the Vikings but I didn’t see and it appears no one has.

The experience continues as we arrive at Reynisfjara beach to see the black sandy beach. The Ocean was churning as it lashed ashore. With caution we ventured close within safe distance. There was a photo shoot going on, I am sure that model was cold in that beautiful dress because it was so windy.  This site is known for wedding ceremonies and a popular spot for wedding pictures. There is a keyhole in the rocks across in a distance that a zoom lens can capture. It is said that a pilot flew through that hole.

I was worried that you would not be able to get an idea of how black the seashore was but I think the picture shows it well.

We were off to the Lava Centre which is an exhibit not to be missed. The exhibits gave us a real feel experience of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that helped form the landscape in Iceland. In addition to a video and an historical run down of some of these eruptions we were able to view individual interactive displays this was remarkable. You should allot an hour or two to explore this centre, based on you interest of course. Even a short visit is worth it and children could appreciate the exhibition as well.

This is one of the exhibits

There were several other exhibits that depicted different stages of an eruption or activity beneath the surface.

We were off to the Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, I should mention that foss is falls ( took me a little bit to catch on and notice). This falls comes from the river formed from the Seljalands river which originates from a volcano glacier.

Along the rocks smaller falls could be seen following towards the river. You are able to walk behind the falls but with caution as it is wet and slippery as one would expect. Do I need to say I did not because I did not want to get wet and I was able to admire and enjoy from where I was standing close enough but far from getting the mist.

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