Geothermal wonder

As we travelled through the country we experienced the beauty of the hillsides, the lakes, rivers and results from volcanic eruptions; nature at its best. Another thing that was common were the number of times you see evidence of geothermal reaction, mini geysers, large geysers, mud pools, steam vents etc. Steam vents can be seen from a distance. As you drive along the highway there were road repair in progress on a few occasions but was managed quite efficiently that did not cause much delay..

We headed west out of Reykjavík to see the farmlands and Deildartunga, Europe”s largest hot spring.These are some of places we passed as we continued west.

Farmland with volcano peak and steam from hot spring

We arrived at the hot spring which is the source of hot water for homes and businesses for a few neighboring towns. Water bubbles out of an outcrop of rocks creating a steamy powerful sound and power the the water is supplied to the districts by pipes.

After our visit we were heading for another wonder of nature a stop for lunch at the Husafell Bistro where a buffet is served for about $22 which included soup, salad, pizza, pasta, coffee, tea quite a variety.

Quite a hefty plate could not deny myself the pizza. After lunch we headed across the grounds to see the Hraunfosser Lava falls, breath taking. As we arrived in the bus you could get a glimpse but no idea of the beauty that awaited us.

These are countless number of springs seeping below the lava bed and flow into the Hvita river which seem to run through the farmlands. These lava beds resulted from volcanic eruptions.

As we walked back towards our coach these caught our eyes

The Blue Lagoon another geothermal wonder where the steam from the lagoon can be seen from a distance. The lagoon is manmade and gets its water from the geothermal plant where the water flows through the lava beds and contains minerals with healing effects.

An experience I would recommend. I have to warn you that you are required to take a shower in the nude before entering the lagoon, in a swimsuit of course. The catch is the showers are individualized but the change area and lockers is an open space. Once you get over the nudity the experience is wonderful there is a mud mask available if you choose and there is a waterfall that offers an excellent shoulder and back massage. There is also a walk up bar in the lagoon and there is a dinning room as well as a boutique..

The myth is you should look younger after your facial treatment when you see me next you will decide.

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