Second day in Iceland

This morning it is bleak and rainy but we started out to further explore.

We got a glimpse of the Home of the President situated next to this church and there was only one police car that was parked outside. The President is non political. We then headed to the Reykjanes Peninsula known for its geothermal activity.

We had hoped to go further in land to observe more geothermal activities but the rain hampered that. We looked around to note some of the lava structures, some members of our group climbed the rocks to catch a glimpse of the coastline.

We now headed in the direction of the Blue Lagoon for lunch. The Lagoon is a geothermal spa where the water contains natural minerals that turns the water blue with a warm temperature and is considered to be beneficial to ones health. I will cover the Blue Lagoon in a later post.

We then visited the National Museum tracing Iceland from Viking age to present. We then took a driving tour through the city in the area where the streets were closed on our prior city tour. There is a lot of construction in progress to include building of a Marriott hotel. Buildings are being demolished or renovated clearly to accommodate the increase in tourism. There were a few graffiti on buildings but not in abundance, there were also some lovely murals even on one of the structures being demolished.

3 thoughts on “Second day in Iceland

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the blog! Such great memories that l have! Thingvellir Park with all the fissures, etc., l could not get enough of it! Great job!


      1. I have read all the posts from Iceland… is like re-living a visit to the country! Thanks a lot! I do remember the Prime Minister’s home, too. He was just about leaving home when we visited and the “bus” got a wave!😁


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