My trip to the South continued

About an hour drive from Badian where we were at the Kawasan Falls our resort awaited us. Country Home Resort in Oslob was where we stayed. It appears it was new and I don’t think they were prepared for a crowd of sixteen so service was slow it took quite a long time for dinner to be served but we adjusted. Sometimes in Jamaica it takes some time to be served also, a different pace from we are accustomed to in the US. The place was lovely and quaint and comfortable. Not the normal resort we might have been accustomed to but had amenities that met our needs, a pool, breakfast and dinner, a small parking lot, located not far from other eating facilities. The workers were so pleasant and accommodating.

After a good night’s sleep I was up early and walked out on the balcony overlooking the ocean what I saw I did not expect so I ran back to my room to get my phone and iPad to capture the beautiful sunrise.

After breakfast we headed for whale shark venue in Oslob. Not sure what to expect, again I was not appropriately dressed, no bathing suit, I know I was not going to swim with the whale sharks and figured we were going to be in a big boat. Luckily I wore shorts and waterproof slippers First the boats were like canoes and the possibility of getting splashed was quite likely but I was not missing this experience. When it was our turn it was a challenge me getting in the boat as it was constantly moving, anyway, I was able to maneuver and got on board. This was a photo opportunity of me getting into this boat but fortunately or unfortunately it was not captured. Did I get splashed and a little wet? Yes but nothing to complain about.

It was very crowded as this is a prime tourist attraction and there were long lines waiting to get on the boats despite there were many occupied boats already in the water. There is an orientation explaining what you are going to do and the instructions on the do’s and don’ts. Next you wait your turn based on distributed numbers. When it is your turn you don a life jacket and climb aboard this boat that holds about 8.

Once out in the water there were whale sharks swimming alongside the boats. Those wishing to swim and get closer pictures were able to dive in. The whale sharks would come to the surface as there were men feeding them. This was how they got them to come above water for those that were staying onboard and not swimming with the whale sharks to view them. . As they came above water you could see the spots on their backs and get a pretty good view. You were able to see them when submerged as they seemed to swim close to the surface the spots on their back helped. A marvelous experience to see the whale sharks swimming amongst people and sometimes close enough that they touch some of the swimmers.

Next we went to catch a boat (larger than those used during the whale shark adventure) going to Sumilon Island. Got to the island, boat tethered, and an opportunity for swimming out to the sand bars.

The sand bars were slightly submerged but did not prevent us from enjoying that shallow area. The area was being monitored to ensure safety precautions were being adhered to. After a lovely day we returned to our hotel. Later we went out to dinner at a local restaurant. Upon returning I went to my room with plans to rest for the rest of the evening. My friend Susanne asked me to come downstairs I reluctantly went only to find a surprise for my birthday. How thoughtful and kind.

3 thoughts on “My trip to the South continued

    1. As you might have figured out I was the photographer. Since I don’t swim I did not take the trek out to the bar. If I was adventurous the crew would have helped me as they did others. glad you are enjoying the posts feel free to ask any questions.


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