My visit to the South of Cebu

Fortunately my visit to the Philippines was timely because there were other visitors from the UK for the wedding. The bride’s parents arranged a tour to the south and I was included. A lovely drive to the countryside stopping on the way to pick up some fast food and a brief stop at the shoe factory. Driving through some towns like Carcar with people bustling around. Public transportation is mainly jeepneys(old army vehicles converted) bicycles and bikes, but I noticed larger sized buses which I learned runs regularly between Mactan and the countryside. There are no specific bus stops they will stop wherever you stop them. This reminded me of Jamaica in contrast to the United States. Let’s talk about the bikes which are seen a lot carrying passengers some have an attachment to the side to carry people so they are able to accommodate four to five people. They are very quick and used a lot by the natives. The jeepneys are very colorful reminds me of how decorative the buses were in Panama.

We arrived at Kawasan Falls. There was a five minutes walk to the falls from the parking lot but there were bikers who can take you part of the way for a nominal charge. I choose to walk on the tree lined walkway along the river. Walking gave me a chance to capture a few shots. Didn’t realize we were going to be able to bathe so was not wearing a bathing suit. That did not prevent me from enjoying the view and ambiance.

The falls shown is the lower level for the more adventurous you could climb higher to another level. Some members of our party took the trek and had a wonderful time. After a wonderful day sitting by the falls eating jackfruit, corn and snacks we headed to the resort.

4 thoughts on “My visit to the South of Cebu

    1. We stopped at the shoe factory because our driver forgot his slippers so everyone decided to explore what was offered. Luckily we stopped because I would have ruined the sandals I was wearing so I bought a pair of flip flops with a bold Cebu imprint that was waterproof.. we stayed at Country Home Resort in Oslob about an hour from Alegria where Kawasan falls is. Watch for my next post. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yesterday, I was feeling much like the weather in Fort Wayne, Indiana – gloomy. I decided to revisit your Blog and was in for a treat. Your awesome views of the Kawasan Falls was breathtaking: crystal clear, turquoise color water coupled with the greenery of the mountains was truly beautiful. This lifted my spirits; thank you for sharing your adventures!


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