Wrapping up my visit to the Philippines

Well we sure had a great time in Oslob and it’s time to return to the city. This time I will be staying at the Ceda hotel at the Ayala center. Another nurse I worked with was also in the Philippines and wanted me to come and meet her family. Unfortunately it required taking a ferry to her island and not being sure as to the plans for returning from Oslob we had to postpone that visit. I am from the country in Jamaica and although I have lived in the city since my arrival in the United States I enjoy the country life. I have friends who live outside of the city and have always enjoyed the suburban atmosphere particularly during the summer. Driving back to the city of Cebu reminds me of traveling in Jamaica 🇯🇲.

These shots taken as we drove along reminded me of driving through bamboo avenue in Holland, St. Elizabeth. At certain points the roads are winding with the ocean running alongside the road as we use to see on the way to the north coast in Jamaica before the new highways were built.

we arrived in the city early evening checked into the hotel ready for a restful night. My friends were heading for another island to visit family so I would be on my own for the next day. I welcomed the time to take it easy and maybe explore the shopping center a bit. Well I was lazy so ordered room service my eyes were more than my stomach but no regrets, calamari, fried chicken (did not expect a half chicken) and fries not exactly typical Philippine cuisine but good. Enjoyed the beauty of the city buzzing with traffic at night from the 14th floor.

After a good night’s rest went down for breakfast this was a spread from soup to nuts. Enjoyed my breakfast overlooking the pool and garden.

After breakfast I decided to take a stroll over to the mall. I was amazed on my first visit to the food court and I had not taken any pictures of the layout so decided to visit the court again.

The pictures here gives you an idea of the variety of food at each stall. The stalls stretch along the length of the court and customers can choose from different vendors based on what you are looking for. Each vendor collects payment at their stall. Did I mention the food is quite reasonable you can get a lot for ten dollars. Food included pork, chicken, seafood, beef, rice, lumpia etc. It should be noted pork was prepared in different styles so was the fish, crabs and scallops and more. Meals always include some soup despite the warm weather. Returned to the hotel after taking my pictures since I wasn’t doing any shopping.

well the Jabsons returned and they were spending the last night with family to which I was invited. We went to the area close to the parilya restaurant that I had gone before. This time we went into the mall for another experience at Tong Yang restaurant.

Susanne mom and I got along well red fits her well

On the table there were stoves steaming pots and areas for barbecue, hmm, I thought we are going to cook our meal. They asked to check my ID, thought it was strange but thought it was because I am a visitor. So we went to these stalls choose ingredients for soup (various noodles and vegetables etc.) placed the ingredients in the pots containing a broth and left to boil/cook while we gather the main meal buffet style. Later the waiters walked through singing happy birthday and then a cake came out as seen above. They got my name as it appeared on my ID and it appears Susanne must have arranged this. I thought the prices for food was inexpensive but in addition to reasonable prices there were senior discounts and because of my birthday, my meal was free.

Well after a lovely evening the driver dropped me off to get ready for our departure. The driver will pick me up at 9:30 next morning. He was on time and after a brief stop at a family member we were on our way. On our way to the airport the driver did an illegal turn and next we were stopped by a policeman. Now here is the clincher the driver was about to get a ticket so my friend asked the value of the ticket he then handed the cop the amount and we were on our way. Well not sure how that would go in the States but similar to what I understand goes on in Jamaica.

After a brief layover we were ready and on our way for the next sixteen hours.

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