Wedding in the Philippines

I attended my first Philippino wedding and in the Philippines to bout. I attended an anniversary celebration before in the US but not a wedding. I spent time with some of the relatives while they got dolled up; there was a professional hairdresser and a professional make up artist , Cosmetologist. There were makeover of all and were they beautiful with lovely hairstyles and meticulously applied make up. It appears this is a norm because the Saturday before I left there was a flurry of activity with ladies in their curlers, clothes being brought in in garment bags, men in suits strutting around and later these ladies appeared looking as gorgeous as ever just like the wedding I attended.

The wedding I attended was in the garden with bright sunshine and beautiful decorations. The venue offered a lovely view of the city below and beyond. In addition to bridal attendants the entourage included several sponsors (consisting of couples not necessarily spouses ). The bride entered in traditional fashion escorted by her dad who met her as she strolled down a red carpet..They both had their own vows which was said to each other conducted by a vibrant minister. They had a veil ceremony where a veil was placed over both by designated sponsors and another designated couple used a decorated rope to bind them together. A beautiful ceremony and reception enjoyed with lots of food , music and dancing. Although I was a stranger the family members were very warm and made sure I was comfortable.

Decorations at the venue

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