City tour of Cebu continued

So it was time for lunch and another true Philippines cuisine. The Parilya restaurant was located in an area by the ocean that is building. Therefore not crowded and made for a relaxing dining experience. Most meals include soup which contains different stuff like noodles, vegetables and meat or chicken depending on where you eat. You can have soup even at breakfast. That has been my observation in the Asian countries. My meal included lechon (roasted suckling pig) baked scallops, soup, rice, Pinot curry, pinakbit (vegetable dish) puchero(stew). I forgot that scallops grow in a shell hence it being baked in the shell. I tried every dish brought to the table and enjoyed it

This is a kind of sticky rice prepared in this weaved container; reminds me of ducunoo in jamaica

Halo halo a refreshing desert made of ice cream, nuts, fruits and shaven ice. I had seen this desert before served in a desert dish but This time served in the coconut. My friend informed me I can eat the flesh of the coconut. Lol as you know being Jamaican we love jelly from the coconut. well the spoon was taking too long as it melted so I suggested we put the coconut to our heads, brought quite a laughter. Was not leaving my jelly.

After lunch we continued on our tour by going through the Lapu Lapu region on Mactan Island. Lapu-Lapu was a leader who history says he led the battle that defeated Ferdinand Magellan. You can recognize this area very easily by the colors painted on walls and images of Lapu Lapu. There is a statue of him but the area was not openly accessible since the structure is under construction. Another thing noticed in the area was the number of Asian businesses with bold signage in Korean language. Brought me back to the escalated increase of Chinese in Jamaica 🇯🇲 building highways and some business.

My final visit was to Southwestern University Marife’s alma mater. I had the opportunity to sit and have an exchange with the Dean who also wears the hat of Nurse Executive. What I did not realize was that Jill held the position of Assistant Dean and she had taken off the day to enhance my Cebu experience.

Jill, Marife and yours truly

2 thoughts on “City tour of Cebu continued

  1. Wow! So proud of you. I’m very proud as one of your tour guides in Cebu City. Hope you can see & explore more places in Philippines.


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