City tour in Cebu

So my friend and colleague Marife arrived in Cebu and was gracious enough to plan a day with me and her friend Jill and family so very nice of them. Our first stop was Fort San Pedro, we had planned to visit the town square but unfortunately there was some event so parking was not available and no access to the park. We drove around the park and into to older part of the city as we headed to Beverly Hills.

In Beverly Hills we visited the Taoist Temple, the area has some beautiful homes and a beautiful view of the town below. Well to get to the Temple requires climbing a lot of steps but I would not miss this opportunity. In fact the Temple is located at 365 feet above sea level. Clearly i didn’t climb that high since we drove up a hill but the trek up was a good one as you can see. But Jill and I gradually made our climb.

As you can see we made it to the top. This place clearly reflects the Chinese culture and despite it was a place with visitors moving around there was an air of reverence. There were no monks here as this was a Monday but they are there two other days out of the week. Brought back memories of China. I did not enter the Temple to pray or join any of the rituals but people that are not of the Taoist faith are welcome. Below is a glimpse of the view of the city below.

Our next stop was Temple of Leah. The Temple was constructed in 2012 as a symbol of love by Leah’s husband. You are greeted with this commanding building with two bronze lions at the entrance and extensive courtyard , for the want of a better word, with visitors strolling around the grounds. Inside is the bronze statue of Leah.

Bronze statue of Leah grandmother to the actress Ellen Adarna. The Temple was built in her honor by her husband of 53 years.

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