Safety in Cebu

I am impressed with the extensive security checks here. Upon entering the mall there is a security check of bags. Walked into Mark’s n Spencer store an officer is at the entrance a several others were seen walking through the store.We went to this hotel shangri-la Mactan before entering the grounds the car is checked visually and by dogs sniffing. We drove up to hotel Seda the car was checked with a device that I was told was a mirror allowing for clear visibility under the car. Now I am not sure if they have had issues before or this was totally precautionary. I was impressed at the efforts to ensure safety.

Having lunch at the food court in the Ayala mall was an experience. An informal setting and an array of food to include fish, pork, rice, lumpia,  vegetables etc. I have had lechon, roasted suckling pig, before as I have experienced Philippine cuisine many times and I enjoy pork and for those who know me I love the skin. With the lechon I had my full of the crisp skin.

This is a way they prepare rice, neat isn’t it?

I plan to get back there I should have taken pictures of the layouts will share later. Food so far is not expensive in comparison to New York. I had crisply fried mini crabs, stuffed crabs, batter coated spinach, and fresh lumpia. Susan, her husband and family members have really made me feel welcomed.

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