Fall foliage

One of the most beautiful time of the year is during the fall when the trees display an array of colors. I love seeing the vibrant mixed fall tones but certainly hate gathering the leaves.

This tree gives me a workout durin
Along interstate 95 going north

4 thoughts on “Fall foliage

  1. Thanks for this post.I do love the season, also.  I have a beautiful visual array in the park behind me.  I also drive 5 minutes north and l am able to see such beautiful colours…..God’s handiwork, l call it.  The colours are absolutely marvellous!I do agree with you about the beauty of the trees in autumn! I also agree with having to rein in those leaves….that is an issue here, too!😊FaithSent from my Galaxy

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  2. Love the colors. I miss this in MD although I did see some trees in my neighborhood. I had planned to take a pic buy didn’t, will have to see if they are still colorful🙂

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