A stop in St. Martin

One of the popular ports when cruising the Caribbean is St. Martin an island divided into one side French and the other Dutch. In addition to the lovely beaches and great resorts a tour around the island has some interesting encounters. Having stayed at one of the resorts for a week before taking this tour was to accompany the friends I was traveling with. This tour offered me things I had not experienced on my first visit. We made a stop to get a little information about some sea creatures. Some of us were curious enough to touch and hold some of these objects to include shells and sea urchins.

This was live could actually see movements.

This was a good stop and after our encounter with the urchins look at the view and how shallow so we could walk way out in the water. We were off to another adventure with the iguanas. One of our group members enjoyed feeding and being amidst them, I am comfortable taking the pictures.

When I visited the first time the resort I stayed at was fairly close to the airport that we were able to stand on our balcony to watch planes land and take off. On this tour we were in for a new experience which was a major attraction. Close to the take off area is Maho beach, which was quite crowded, and a bar that was also very crowded. People come here to watch the planes take off and land. At the bar there is a notice board that gives the times of arrival and departures.

Beach chairs and umbrellas are lined up close to the bar.

The distance from where the beach chairs are to the fence is the width of two car lanes. I am still wondering about the attraction because when the plane gets set to take off the wind is so powerful, gravel is flying all over and if you were not standing firmly you could topple over. This spot was packed with sun bathers and spectators with quite some enthusiasm for viewing the arrival and take off of planes. Standing that close to the fence is not recommended but as you can see visitors were right up against the fence. I was not that close and felt the dust and gravel that caused me to turn my back as the speed for take off increased.

We made a stop downtown to give the shoppers time to indulge a bit but I visited this pastry shop, I wish I remembered the name, but speaking of indulging one’s self I am sure I overdid it. Walked around a bit for a few photo opportunities.

Monument depicting a market woman

St. Martin was known for salt industry and at the Centre of a round about circle of the roadway in Phillipsburg is a display of several sculptors, named The Salt Pickers, constructed in memory of the salt heritage. It showed men and women at work.

A glimpse of the island as we travelled around

If you are spending some time on the island there is a ferry that will take you to the island of Anguilla. It is better to make some prior arrangements for pick up upon arrival in Anguilla. Of course we spent some time at the beach which goes without saying. Well that’s all for now just wishing I could be close to that beautiful water but hopefully I will be there soon.

4 thoughts on “A stop in St. Martin

  1. Thanks, pal!  You are at it, again, eh?  I did a tour of both parts of the country, Pansy was with me.  Liked it a lot…very serene!thanks for bringing back some memories.  Faith.iSent from my Galaxy

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