A spin around New York city

As the virus continues to ravish the nation we find ourselves finding different ways to cope as we try to curtail the spread. The situation remains grim but there is a sliver of hope going forward. A vaccine or vaccines appear to be coming sooner than expected, that’s good news but we need to have and/or hear of a plan of how they will be distributed. United States is in a very precarious situation to put it bluntly we are in somewhat of a chaos. Our Election Day has come and gone a new President Elect has been identified so the people have spoken. Our country is so divided and I am hoping that we will come together regardless of party affiliation and move beyond to take care of the health crisis, the economy, the climate etc. because people are anxious and are in dire straits. I still remain hopeful that we will get through this.

We are approaching the holidays and we will have to be mindful of precautionary guidelines to protect our families and friends. Rockefeller Centre has been internationally known as a major attraction especially during the Christmas season. Well the Christmas tree arrived at the site but the lighting celebration will take a different look this year.

During the off season a temporary dining area is created in the ice skating rink and during the holiday season skaters arrive in groves.

holiday season at Rockefeller Center

While in Manhattan there are several tours you can take such as hop on and hop off buses, circle line boat tours etc. The hop on and hop off buses take you to three boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx they even include a scenic boat ride depending on the package you choose.

The Verrazano Bridge connects Staten Island to Brooklyn. It is also the bridge in the film Saturday Night Fever
Skyline with the One World Trade Center memorial tower looming above
The George Washington Bridge
The Chrysler building

The Chrysler building is known for its art decor and lived as the tallest building in New York for eleven months before the Empire State Building became the tallest skyscraper.

Empire State Building located on 34th street close to the large department store Macy’s and close to Madison Square gardens
The Flatiron building known for its iconic wedge like design located in the Flatiron district where there are businesses, apartments, popular bars and the Italian emporium eatery.

Bryant Park a 9.6 acre park in Manhattan close to the fashion district was originally the site for annual Fashion week celebration where international designers show their designs. Since 2009 the celebration has been relocated to other sites in Manhattan. There is a skating rink and dining facility in the park that boast stalls amidst the vegetation.

The Little Singer building gained its name after it became too small to manage the expansion of the sewing machine business so a larger building was built.

The financial district located in lower Manhattan

Times Square
Columbus Circle

You can enjoy Central Park by horse drawn carriages

Downtown Brooklyn with a view of Manhattan Bridge and the east side of Manhattan

I was fortunate to have been on the tenth floor of a building downtown Brooklyn and was able to capture those Panoramic view of some of our bridges and iconic buildings in Manhattan. Needless to mention there are many Museums to include the Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Natural History and National Museum of American Indian.

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  1. See your mind is attuned to what people would like to be reading………….at this time! Good on you! I would have found something else and moved on but you are doing an excellent job…..keep it up!!!!!!! 😊

    I like the Flatiron building. I did not know that the surrounding district was called Flatiron, too. See, I learnt something new tonight! I will have to visit New York so many times to get the gist of what I am seeing…..lots of older looking buildings, too.

    Thanks for sharing with me.


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