A spin around Curacao

Curaçao is one of the three Dutch islands in the Caribbean the others being Aruba and Bonaire. The lovely thing about these islands they are not generally affected by hurricanes. Strolling downtown Willemstad is so colorful and bustling with tourists. A main attraction is the floating market where fishing boats dock with freshly caught seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables. Here you will find locals and visitors alike. There are many visitors that stay at timeshare resorts and utilize their cooking facilities and seafood is a staple item.

Fruit stall
In front of market
Colorful colonial buildings on the waterfront with those white canopy structures housing restaurants for a quick bite or a cocktail while you enjoy the view.

The ferry (Blue n white) takes you across the bay from Punda to Otrabanda in about five minutes where there are other shops and kiosks. You are able to view each quarter across St. Ann’s Bay. There is a swing bridge, Queen Emma Bridge, which opens to allow vessels to pass through. Visitors have the option to walk across the bridge or take the ferry.

Queen Emma Bridge
Ferry at terminal on Punda

You may want to visit the Rif Fort which is now a shopping mall. This was originally the fort that protected the island.

Taking a ride that takes you over the Queen Juliana Bridge gives a beautiful postcard view of the city. It appears that most roofs are orange/pinkish colored. The houses are painted with bright colors.

Queen Juliana Bridge

You might want to visit the liqueur distillery where there is a narrated tour and an opportunity to purchase liqueur could be a bit pricey. These beautiful murals welcome you as you walk towards the distillery.

We made a stop at Knip Beach which is a free beach located on the Western side of the island. A very popular beach visited by tourists and local people it is known for great scuba diving and snorkeling. There is a huge parking lot where you can get a great view of beach from different angles.

Flamingoes are found in Curaçao in abundance and we stopped by where we could get a glimpse of them in a distance

Took a short hike in the Skete Boka Park to view the rugged coastline and for the adventurous a brief step into the caves.

Statute of Queen Wilhemina in the park.

Depends on where you are staying it maybe cheaper to rent a car since taking taxis can be expensive. We did not choose any formal dinning outside of our resort but found a restaurant within walking distance that served the most delicious snapper. Sorry I cannot remember the name. There is a bar and seemed to be patronized mostly by the local residents.

We also ate at the Seaside Terrace, again informal but food was good fish of course and close to the water.

A lovely island to relax and enjoy the weather, food and beach. See you in another island soon.

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  1. Another carefully curated “picture” of a beautiful.littke island.I have been there but cannot remember a lot of what you presented.  Oh well!!!!All the best!FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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