Six months and counting of staying at home

Staying at home has been a challenge as I am sure it is for many of us. This is really new for me since I have been accustomed to going away on a vacation at least three times a year. Well my inquiring friends let me share some of what I have been doing. One of the things I have been hard at work with, is caring for my house plants. My favorite is orchids but lately I have found that I seem to have a green thumb for others. In the past I killed cactus so you know I was real bad. I love orchids because they are exotic and they last for a long time. The downside about orchids is that you have to patient since they take some time to hibernate before re-flowering. My next favorite is African Violets.

This one I couldn’t resist purchasing but of course this one was specially treated with a dye so when it blooms again it will probably be white but I am enjoying it as is now as is.

These I got for my birthday.
My newest African Violet

African violets can be very finicky moving them around might change their blooming. They can handle being dry for a long time overwatering May rot the roots. What is interesting about this plant is if the leaves get wet they rot but if you pick one leave and place it in a damp soil within a few days that leave begins to form roots and become a plant. Those reflected above are the products of getting a leave from a friends plant.

A friend sent me a money plant you have to be careful not to over water it and it is growing in leaps.

This is what the base looks like. I lost one before from over watering. The over lapping trunk rotted and I lost the plant. Keep soil moist but not soggy.

crotons, rubber plant and aloe vera

I have also been practicing to play the piano again, this time I will be consistent. Maybe I will do a recital yeah right for my ears only.

I have also been busy uploading old VHS tapes from my aged camcorder to a digital format. Well friends you are now caught up with my stay at home happenings. Friends are wondering if I am traveling, no not yet, some of the more recent posts are from previous trips. This year seems to be running away so it appears next year.

One thought on “Six months and counting of staying at home

  1. Thanks for sharing!You have a lot of house plants!  That is a very pretty blue colour for the orchid!  I like them, too.  I also have some African violets, too.  I do have a lot of the Christmas cactus plants….they might bloom before the season…hope they do.I grew a garden on the balcony….sweet peppers, rosemary, basil, lettuce, tomatoes and Scotch bonnet peppers.  Made lots of pesto, too.🙂It is good that you have been at home….you can get things done!🤤Thanks, again, for sharing!FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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