Visiting Linstead

We continued along passing by prior residences stopping to say hello to family and friends.

Some places seemed familiar others not so much. The clinic was now n the old primary school location The current environment did not bring back any memories so I had to visualize how it was. The only place still standing was the Catholic Church which was under renovations. I remember playing baseball and hitting a home run if it went over to the church. The hospital has had a face lift not an impressive entrance but a change for sure.

The Collectorate office remains in its location so does the police station. Some new buildings and operations at the old clinic site and across the street where Dr. Binns practiced. Heading into the town there were lots of new business places just across from Hindu hill. Some of the spaces occupied by Mr. Clarke and Bather remains but with different looks. The Texaco gas station is still there to the right as you go towards the center of the town. The center is still congested with some familiar structures and some new to me, at least.

All of us attended Ms.Rose’s school. She was the wedding and birthday organizer, she was the Godmother to many, the consummate all a rounder. The center park is now named Rose Duncan Park in her honor. The structure depicts Ms. Rose and two kids.

4 thoughts on “Visiting Linstead

  1. Beautiful Reunion! It’s wonderful to view the warm interactions within the group, through your many vivid pictures. I feel so inspired; thank you for sharing.


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