Linstead here we come

Everyone woke up early and had a wonderful Caribbean breakfast to start our day. Chatter and laughter, photo opportunity while we wait for the late comers. We knew it was going to be a good day when Gail in her excitement stumbled and Patrick our bus driver caught her. If he was not in the right spot at the right time she sure would have injured herself. Some of us had not been on the new highways so began the treat as we left Runaway Bay heading to linstead using the new roads. We passed through the toll booth enjoyed the scenery along the way. Got a glimpse of the bauxite ‘Red river’ not sure if that is truly what it is called

I would not venture to take the lead because the place was not familiar but fortunately Margaret, who lived in Linstead at one point though not from here, was a good navigator. Well we bumped right into Commodore cemetery and some had family members buried there so ventured in to pay their respects.

After a short visit we were now heading to the school where Esther (Samuel) was going to make a personal presentation of a smart TV. Two members ( Viola and Esther) had actually taught at the school at this site talking about giving back. All of us had attended the school at the old site on King Street.

Earlyn and I visited a classroom and addressed the students briefly introducing ourselves. Other members interacted with students as they came out on break.

Then we were on our way again passing familiar homes and people and or family members.

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