Sneak peak of Germany and Austria

Crossing the border by bus

We crossed the border to visit the Black Forest in Germany had a wonderful time with all the activities. There were natives dressed in their native clothing entertaining by dances and interaction with visitors. Visitors were having fun on the lake and stalls for eating.  Lesson learnt do not expect the same customs as in the US, had to pay for the packets of condiments for hot dogs but after all that is one of the reasons you travel to learn different customs. What a disappointment when the pharmacy lost my video never to be returned

 We also visited Austria that day where we met this American lady now living there, she was so excited to see us and speak to us in her native tongue she followed us around during our walking tour. I noticed the houses in Germany and Austria were similar to those chalets in Switzerland.  Flowers were all over the place on monumental structures, lamp posts and commercial buildings as well.

What I enjoyed about Zurich was the cleanliness, folks were very friendly.  I noticed that as you started driving you were constantly climbing hills. What was even more beautiful was seeing the silver streaks in the distant mountain side and as you got closer, realized they were bursting waterfalls. I am not sure whether I would have considered driving there at that time cars seem to go by in a speedy fashion. That was my visit and I look forward to going back to Switzerland to ski. HA ha

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